Saturday, September 8, 2007

Sorry I've Been Scarce

Dear friends, I must say that I'm sorry I've been away most of this week. All is has just been a busy week and I've had to run about more than I really wanted.

Also, little Liam has been a bit persnickety about sleeping at it has been hard to think about posts!

I've been tired and a bit overwhelmed as I look about my home, realizing there is much disorganization here and I need to get myself on a bit more of a schedule. I hopefully will post more on that next week:-)

As we travel on the current job path for Dan, I find myself very worried and uncertain. This probationary period will be too slow for me. I keep asking the Lord for peace and courage...but as always this is a hard wait.

So, my friends, do forgive my absence and I hope to be more present here in blog land next week!



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Regina Clare Jane said...

Oh, Sommer- you don't have to apologize for being a wonderful wife and mother! That is your first duty, for sure! I am sorry the little fella is having a problem right now but maybe you are able to take a little nap during the day to catch up? Wishful thinking, I know!
I will say an extra prayer for you and hubby before I go to bed tonight- for peace and patience.