Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October Already?!

Honestly, I don't know how the month of September slipped by me so! One moment it was September(though often feeling like August), floating along so nice and busy like and then the next moment...October! Wow! I am now convinced it is officially Autumn.

We've been busy with school, birthdays and just plain enjoying our time together as a family. We've also been continuing the process of looking for a house. We've had some duds and disappointments. We've had to re-evaluate how much we can really afford and what and where we are willing to look for this house. We have prayed and been frustrated and then...

The Lord has seen fit to have an offer we put out be accepted! Now, we are still in the waiting phase, but this is very hopeful! We actually put the offer in without seeing the house except for pics on the web...a bit of faith stretching. The sellers accepted our offer and now we wait on their bank and the VA's inspections/approval.

Last Wednesday we took a drive out to the house to see if it was really going to be what we wanted. We went with hesitation and excitement all at the same time. When I walked in the door of this two-story, tri-level, 4 bed/3bath home I was so very pleased! It has some carpets that need cleaning and some paint in some rooms with questionable paint tastes, but other wise it is perfect!!! For us anyhow ;-)

Until we are definite..I will wait on posting pics of the house(though I must share that there is a room in there with a built in shelf/desk perfect for my sewing room :-). But let me just leave you with a view of my Little Man as he enjoyed the space and front yard...I think he likes this place :-)

But before I really go....Here are some moments from our last month:

My hubby, Dan, and Rowan enjoying a father/daughter moment. The entire time he was there, she kept her little, chubby hand on his face..very sweet indeed :-)

Here is my girl looking very solemn at me. She enjoys playing on her blanket now...of course she is almost 6 months now...wow!

And here I am with my sweet girl. The camera mesmerizes her ;-) She is a joy to raise and I am so very glad the Lord blessed me with her. And when folks wonder what I was thinking for having another child...I just praise God I was so fortunate as to have His blessing in this area of my life. Even as I struggle from day to day with patience and frustration, with occasional bickering and bad attitudes...the joys that I see and receive each day vastly outweigh such things! Thank you Lord for my children...may I never see them as a burden!

Hopefully I will not be so long in getting back on to write and hopefully there will be good news on the house buying front!

Blessings to my friends!