Friday, April 24, 2009

A Nestful...

Okay, I couldn't keep away long ;-) Right now, my little nest feels a touch empty. A dear friend of mine invited my girls to stay at her house yesterday(she has kids they play with) and they are still there! She'll be bringing them back tonight. It is rather quiet, even with a new baby and a little boy roaming about the house! There is no bickering only silly chatter with my son and snuggle time that I just can't pass up :-) I look forward to my girls coming home and I pray that we will be able to work on the bickering issue and cause more friendship than disagreements to be present here.

Anyhow, I thought I'd share some more pics of the kids marveling at their newest sibling. Above, the girls are enjoying watching Rowan as she sleeps in a little nest made by me. It keeps her close but allows me to do some other things near by. They were quite taken with it...and her...

But then, who wouldn't be when greeted by such sweet, sleepy smiles?! Isn't that precious! I could just gobble her up:-)

Brenna is very much loving her new sister. I think it is especially special to her that Rowan looks a lot like Brenna did when a baby. Fiona and Liam were my blondies, curled and big! Brenna was my dark,straight haired darling...slim and small, and Rowan looks a lot like she did. She will be a good big sister...I can tell already.

And finally, here is Liam holding Rowan's tiny hand. He didn't want to let go ;-) It was so sweet watching him hold her and today he was wanting to hold her hand again. He also kept wanting her to kiss him :-) Of course, I obliged by leaning her into his cheek and she'd give him a wet little peck(okay, she was rooting around...but I'm not telling him that!). He loved that:-)

My nest is full! My husband and I are so pleased to watch our family increase. Each time we've had a new child, I find myself contemplating what my priorities are and what areas I truly need to work in. I have much that needs to change and yet, I see that my children know I love them. I desire to make their childhood as happy and lovely as is possible without skipping the raising up for God, training them to love Him and desiring to be His. It is a huge responsibility we carry but I know the Lord will equip us with what we need and that ultimately He does the work...we are simply their caretakers and trainers! May the Lord give Dan and I wisdom as we take on this great task!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

One Week of Bliss and Counting...

Well, we are home(as of last Friday afternoon) and getting into the swing of things! Thanks to all of you for your prayers and sweet encouragements! I truly was the least anxious that I have ever been during my c-sections and I know it has been because of all your prayers on my behalf....thank you thank you!!!

We are taking life in slow motion right now..still continuing our little break with school and just doing what must be done. My hubby has been an awesome help and my older kiddos have taken to their little sister quite well:-) I am reminded once again why babies are such a blessing...they bring such sweet joy to our world!

Of course there is plenty of snuggle time going on and kisses and smelling of sweet baby cheeks. Not to mention, lots of mama nursing and diaper changing! But it is bliss!

Rowan, so far, is a mild, quiet little lady. She cries...but infrequently. She lets us know when she is needing me to come for her or when she has a bit of gas, but most time she just gives us sweet smiles or gurgles. She has been taking more time to just take it all in and I love to watch her as she watches us all around her. It looks like I may be blessed with another little love. Of course!

A lot of my pictures are of her sleeping, but I have a few with her just looking about. I love how alert she is sometimes. I wonder what she is thinking of?

And aren't these toes just scrumptious!!!! She has tiny, slim feet but they are just so snugglable!

Here she is in a very alert moment. Makes you just want to kiss her! I find myself gazing at all her little features and finding it hard to believe that all my little ones have at one time or another been this(or close to it)small!

I wasn't sure how Liam would take to his new sister, but I had no reason to worry. He has doted on her in his toddler fashion more than any one. When she cries, he comes and says, "it's okay Rowan. You happy now?" He loves to look at her and sit next to me when I am feeding her. I feel blessed that she has such a good big brother in her life...I think they will be very close through the years:-)

I have some more pictures that I will share soon. Just wanted you all to know that we were home and that I am recovering fairly well. I have an appointment on Tuesday to see how all is going and hopefully I will get a good bill of health.

Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rowan's Birthday - A Blessed Success!

[Nota Bene: The author of this post is Sommer's husband, Dan.]

The scheduled birth (via caesarean section) of Rowan Meara Sorenson went off without a hitch.  Both baby and momma are doing very well.  Rowan Meara was born at April 14th 2009 at 1:24pm PST.  She weighed in at 8 pounds, 9 ounces; she was 19'' long.  Sommer will no doubt download other pictures from the digital camera soon.  They are really beautiful pictures.  I just tried to post on this blog the pictures I took from my camera phone but for some reason was not able to.

Sommer and I thank you all for the prayers you have offered up in regards to a safe delivery.   These prayers were answered by all indication with a "Yes."  Thank the Lord for his mercy and his blessings!  


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Heading to the Hospital

Today is the big day! In just a couple of hours we will be heading out with the kids to drop them off with my parents for the day and night. They are excited! We are excited!

The long awaited arrival of our newest blessing is almost here :-) We need to arrive at the hospital by 11:00am for checking in and prep work. Hopefully we will start on time (or earlier) at about 1:00pm for the c-section.

I haven't eaten since about 11:30pm and I haven't had anything to drink since before 4:30am this morning..ugh! But it is all worth it.

Thank you so much, dear friends, for all your prayers, loving words and encouragement! They have been a great help as the day has drawn closer. I feel less anxious than normal.

Hopefully, tonight or tomorrow I will have Dan post to let you all know how things are and to introduce you briefly to our sweet baby:-)

Well, off I go to get fully ready! I'll talk to you soon:-)


Sunday, April 12, 2009

He Is Risen and Alive!

May your day be full of joy and blessings!

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

One Last Project to Share and My Boy

Just days away from my little girlie coming now, and I have not gotten any sewing done! I had so hoped to, but with so much to do and carpal tunnel and knitting just being so much more accessible in my large state...well, it hasn't happened:-( Oh well! I guess I have some sewing projects to work on after she comes(and wont that be fun!?). At least then I will know just how big she really is!

Although I didn't get to my sewing(well, except for the burp cloths), I did get three knitting projects completed :-) Of course, you've seen the slippers and bonnet, but I couldn't resist using up some more of the yarn from the bonnet and making some bootees :-) These are from the same book I made the bonnet from and they were very easy. My troubles really were only from the carpal tunnel issues...a true labor of love!

The bootees were suppose to have little pom poms, but I decided I liked them without better and in this very simple state, they will match well with her bonnet:-) They are the smallest size in the pattern, but look like they should fit a bit larger...good thing if she is as big as they say!

With that, I will put away my knitting needles until later and perhaps work a little on the sewing before Tuesday. Tuesday we go in to meet our new babe and I am looking forward to this day. Now if we can all just get over our colds!

Before I go, I had to share some pictures of my dear little man that will soon look like a giant compared to his little sister:-) I love his smile! Pure joy and love:-)

Liam is an absolute doll and one of the sweetest fellas I know. I may be biased, but still I'll say it;-) He has his moments and well, he is two! But he is gentle, loving and oh so funny at times.

And I do believe we have a budding musician! He loves to play on Fiona's harmonica...and really the music sounds lovely to this mamma's ears:-)

Hope you all are having a wonderful day!


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Some Sweet Gifts

Over the last couple of years, I have been very blessed by the friendships I've made in blog land and email. Such loving women there are out there...and yet we've never met in person!

About two weeks ago, I was very much reminded of such blessings when my sweet friend, Sarah, sent out some lovely homemade gifts for my wee girlie:-) I thought I'd share these sweet things with you all here:-)

As you can see above, there is quite an assortment of gifts here. Firstly, lets just say "aaaah" as we gaze on these adorable little elephant goodies! On the left is a lovely, soft, silky toy elephant...sweet and with no little buttons that baby may, um, eat. And on the right is a wonderful bib. It is a nice sized bib that will be usable when wee girlie is bigger(as well as when wee) and look at that darling elephant in the middle! There is lovely hand stitching done around the elephant and I am sure it will be painful to use it the first time with a little messy baby! Perhaps I should just frame it?!

Next is a beautiful little dress with panties! I just love this dress...the fabric, the trim! Just lovely!

And for me:-) Handmade, washable nursing pads! On the back side is a soft, blue flannel(I think) and on the front Sarah used fabrics from the items she made my wee girlie, with a bit of trim down the center:-) These are great and I look forward to trying them out. Now if I could just figure out how she made them...I'd make some more:-)

This was truly a sweet gift and I am very touched that I received them! Thank you ever so much Sarah!


While I'm here, I guess I ought to give a little update:-) I am just a little over a week away from my delivery date(I am having a c-section) and things are falling into place quite nicely. I am doing well and so is my wee girlie. Though, I found out Friday(okay, I already suspected this!) that my wee girlie isn't so very wee. At 37 weeks she is already a whopping 9.5 lbs according to the ultrasound technician! There go any tiny outfits that once fit my small daughters(8lb 12oz and 7lb 12oz..)! Liam was 9lb 11oz when he was born and I do believe his "little" sister is going to out do him here:-o

I am having some carpal tunnel, but otherwise I have felt pretty good. Today the crib got put back together and I organized the diaper table. Now I just need to wash up the clothes and such and pack my bag(whaaaat!) and all the necessaries should be done :-) Yippee!!!

I do hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. May the Lord bless you and have a great Lord's Day!