Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Sweet Knit Bonnet

I should be sewing dresses, I should be reorganizing rooms and checking off the must-haves for my sweet girlie...instead I keep knitting:-) I can't seem to help myself.

Knitting is something you can do whether you are watching a movie, talking to your hubby or just needing to sit back and rest your feet and back. The sewing machine..well, it needs to be dragged out, set up and isn't necessarily quiet. So knitting it has been!

This last month I've been working on the bonnet in the above picture. Again, this is another project that I knit up amazingly quick...for me:-) For the longest time I've looked for lovely knit bonnets(since I don't crochet) and they always have been hard to find. It is easy to find beanie caps and berets and such or to find patterns for crocheted bonnets...but where were all the knit ones?!

Well, I found one in a lovely little book called Easy Baby Knits by Claire Montgomerie. The pattern ended up being relatively simple, although my inexperience certainly gave me a run for my money!

I used the pattern called, simply, Baby Bonnet. It is a plain bonnet, but pretty. The trim around the face and ties is supposed to be in seed stitch...but...I messed it up and it came out in a 1x1 rib...go figure! Still looks nice, just not as pretty as seed stitch. Somehow(after casting on an obscene number of stitches...225)I lost some stitches in the ties. I have no idea how I did it :-D So the ties are not equal...but who cares? Not the baby:-) After all that and being tempted to give up, I got to work on the body and decreases and that ran quite smoothly and really turned out lovely. The neck band in the back was another new thing for me..I've never "picked up and knit" stitches before, so it is not as neat as I'd like, but again...who is gonna care? Not the baby:-)

I really am pretty happy with it and I will gladly make another. Hopefully, it will turn out much better the next time!

One thing that I'd read some people complained about with this particular pattern was how pointy it came out in back. Mine didn't end up too pointy, but it does have a darling pixie peak in back that I just LOVE! You can kind of see it in the picture below with Brenna modeling it for me. Yes, she is too big for it, but I had to have a model and Liam wasn't going for it;-)

I think Brenna looks cute and I think my sweet, new girlie will too:-)

Hopefully, the next crafty post I post will have sewing in it...but we shall see:-)



Serena said...

It's so pretty, Sommer! That's so funny about the seed stitch ending up as ribbing. It looks wonderful, either way! And the pixie peak is very cute. I think it actually looks really sweet on Brenna--almost like an old-timey night cap. However, I can't wait to see it on the little one it is meant for!

Oh, and I know what you mean about the knitting! I'm favoring it more and more lately--it's so nice to be able to sit and do something quiet!

Lauren Christine said...

Lovely, lovely!!! It's so pretty :) I can't wait to see your sweet babe in it too!

Dear Abbi said...

Aww, what a sweet bonnet!! I'm sure your little sweetie will look just precious in it!

Rebecca J said...

So sweet Sommer. Looks like a wonderful use of time. : )


Sarah Jane said...

How adorable! I LOVE the pixie peak! The trim around the face is darling, even though not what was first planned. I love to knit as well but havent' found time to do it lately. However, I really want to now that I have been so inspired!

Ashley said...

What a sweet bonnet! I love knitting. I usually knit during sunday night bible study, and when my Mom reads aloud. It's relaxing to me. I knit up a baby kimono in January, when my Mom was expecting #6, but the Lord saw fit to take the wee one to be with Him. I am praying for another, and perhaps I will someday get a sister that I can knit sweet bonnets for!

Your due date is coming fast! I can't wait to see your sweet girlie. :)