Saturday, January 31, 2009

Little Slippers for a Little Girlie

Along with all my sewing that I plan to do for my Little Girlie, I also have knitting plans. Perhaps my desires are a bit ambitious, but I hope to get the majority of what I want done...done:-)

Tilly rightly guessed that I was hinting at a little knitting project I was working on in my last post and so I thought I'd share what I am trying to make and my progress so far. Wow..lengthy sentence!

In the picture above you can see not only my project in progress, but also the book I got the pattern from and the finished project on the cover of said book. I am making these darling little slippers in a lovely coral colored bamboo/nylon yarn. The pattern calls for silk, but I decided I needed something more washable;-) You can either trim the opening with rosettes or use a ribbon tie to keep them on baby(or some other pretty little thing).

I went and did the majority of what you see there today, while enjoying tea with a friend at Peet's. What fun and thankfully I was with someone who is more experienced than I am in knitting..because I needed a little guidance in a technique I hadn't yet done. Thanks Nikki!

So far I am liking this pattern and if it continues to be an easy project, I will make more for when Wee Girlie is bigger:-)

If you are unable to see the whole title of the book(which I think is partially covered) I will tell you... Simple Knits For Cherished Babies by Erika Knight. There are quite a few little things in this book I'd like to knit up and all the patterns seem relatively easy.

When I finish, I will post pictures and give you a better review of the pattern:-)

Have a blessed Lord's Day my friends!!


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Burp Cloths and Baby Update

I wanted to share with you the burp cloths I made for my little lassie that is coming in a few months. I haven't started anything else yet....I know...the time is fast approaching. The dresses, bonnets and booties are next:-) I'm working on the gauge for some booties and then I'll start those and get to work on dresses.

Anyhow, I did get to the burp cloths and they really were rather easy to create. Simple instructions, fairly quick work. The above picture shows them from afar so you can see the full affect. I used three different prints and then the backing fabric was all the same color. I did this for two reasons: first, I wanted there to be some continuity to my "theme". Okay, I don't really have a theme as I don't have a separate nursery, but I thought the colors worked well together and so there you go:-) Second, I wanted to make the sewing process as easy/quick as possible. If they all had different backing fabrics, I would end up having to change threads and bobbins for each set. Didn't want to do that! So, I used all green flannel for the backs and then I just worked in assembly line fashion and voila! They were done:-)

Below is an up close picture showing the details of my print fabrics. Aren't they just sweet!? I know that I will enjoy using these for my little one because I made them especially for her:-)

Now, I wanted to share a brief update on me and baby:-) I really haven't done that much and maybe that is just because pregnancy isn't especially new to me. But I am really enjoying this pregnancy and feel rather good!

My first two pregnancies were physically uncomfortable but with Liam and now this dear, I am feeling physically pretty good. I have more aches and pains with this one and different issues popping up than before. But none are a big detail and I guess when it is your fourth...your bound to come up with "new" things;-)

I went in to see my new doctor for the second time yesterday(I'd been using a no cost clinic until we had insurance starting this month) and I have to say I really like her. I think she will be great for my delivery!

Last time I went in, I took a glucose test to check for diabetes(which runs in the family) and other typical labs. All came out fine and my blood pressure has been with in normal limits. Praise God! I battled with pre-eclampsia in my first pregnancy and it is always a concern.

We looked at the little one and we got a very definite gender check..the baby is a girl! Yeah!! Apparently she is measuring at 29 weeks but I am supposedly only 27 weeks...go figure;-) My doctor said she figured we are right give or take a week or so...however I told her that all of my babies have been large(Liam was (9lbs 11oz)), so it could just be that. She said that could explain it. I guess I better make sure things are made large enough!

I haven't been gaining an excess of weight this time(which is good for me) and I feel really great. I have had some bad headaches but usually acetaminophen kicks it.

One of the high points of my appointment was when they did the ultrasound and showed me her sweet face. It was rather clear and I could see where her eyes, nose and mouth were. But what was so sweet were the fat, round cheeks! I couldn't believe how chubby they were and she isn't even fully done growing! So cute:-)

And to finish off my is a pic of me today at about 6 months along:-) Enjoy!

Blessings and Have a wonderful Lord's Day!

Friday, January 23, 2009

A Happy Birthday Girl!

Yesterday was my daughter, Fiona's 9th birthday. Whenever I think on this, I pause, amazed at the blessings God has given me! To think, I have a 9 year old and what a blessing she is!

She is a very generous, forgiving and affectionate girl. She will quickly try to fix hurts and make things right(especially for her little brother). Sure there are always "things" that need work, but I couldn't be more pleased with the little lady she is turning out to be:-)

For her birthday she asked for a doll house(made by mom). I made a small one for Brenna a couple of years ago and ever since she has thought on that. I decided that she was at a good age for one and so I went looking. I found a lovely kit, which included all the pieces for the cottage and furniture as well:-)

As you can see from above...she is pretty happy with her house.

Yes, I isn't put together yet...somehow that didn't really bother her. Fiona is looking forward to helping me put it together and I am looking forward to doing it. Instead of the red, we will be using a light blue and white. Fiona and I will make little knitted and sewn cushions and blankets for the furniture. Wont that be fun!?

We still have a little party scheduled for tomorrow at my parents' house(actually for Fiona and Liam, who turns 2 in a week or so). So...the festivities continue!


I still find myself reflecting on the age of my children and realizing how swiftly life flits by. God has been so gracious in blessing me with my children, giving them to me for a time. I pray that I raise them up in a way that they will learn well to love God, to follow His law and fight for Him. It is a huge responsibility we have as parents and I pray He gives me all that I need to do it well.

Happy Birthday sweet girl!


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tonight I received a newsletter from Rebekah Wilson at Hope Chest Legacy. It makes me sad and frustrated! Because of a new law(CPSIA (HR 4040) law) regarding the safety of toys and much more, she is having to close the "physical" side of her store come January 31st. It is a sad thing that this law has and will affect so many. Here is an interesting site that explains and tries to update this law and amendments that are being worked on. If you are unfamiliar with this law, it may be worth the read.

Apparently Rebekah Wilson does plan on continuing to sell what she can through e-books and the like, but she wants to clear out her physical inventory if she can. So she is offering a pretty awesome deal. It feels bittersweet, but it is worth going and looking at if you have ever been interested in her products. Perhaps you will want to help this be less painful for her and (like me) stock up a little on some craft or homeschooling tools/books. Take a look here for more info.


Answering a Question

When I posted about my new piece in the Poetry Corner, I had intended on linking to a place so that you could see the book Daughters of Destiny and buy it if you wanted. Unfortunately I could not find it where I'd bought it and so gave up for the time.

But Miss Jen asked me in the comments if the book was still available and so I thought I'd do a little more research. So far the only copies I've found are what seem to be older(because it has only the author's maiden name). I don't know if there were any changes made to my copy from that one..but probably not. My copy is published 2003.

To answer your question Miss Jen, I am not sure if the book is in current print now or not, but I did find at least an older copy at and perhaps that will help. Here is the link: Daughters of Destiny

You might also double check again on Vision Forum(where I originally purchased it) and see if it is there. I might have just missed it:-)....Okay, so I decided to call Vision Forum;-) And it seems that it is no longer available. So if you want a copy I'd definitely check out the link.

If you can get your hands on it, I think you will really enjoy it!


Friday, January 16, 2009

Something New in the Poetry Corner

Just wanted to let you know I put a new piece in the Poetry Corner. It is a poem included in the book Daughters of Destiny by Noelle Wheeler Goforth. I really love this book and some of the poetry is just lovely and so encouraging/uplifting!

Hope you enjoy:-)


Something to Ponder...

As I was reading some of my favorite blogs, I came across this very good post. I must admit that not all of these do I do on a daily basis. And often I am aware I should. Some of it is a lack of self discipline in these areas and some of it is that I just haven't thought on it.


I hope you read this post and many others at Rebecca's blog(she really has a lot of great thoughts to share). Let me know what you think:-)


Blessings, Sommer


P.S. Pictures of finished burp cloths to come soon!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Pattern Show and Tell :-)

They finally came! I have been anxiously(and I might add, impatiently) waiting for my patterns from the Old Fashioned Baby and they finally arrived Saturday! Yay!!! I can't wait to get started:-)

Don't you think these are just darling?! I think each of these patterns sets will give me a wide variety of items for my little one. Now I just have to decide which fabrics to use with which patterns.

I also ordered 6 yards of baby tatting lace. I thought it would make a lovely trim to go along with the vintage style dresses. Isn't it sweet?!

My mind is just a-flutter with all I want to make! I have all my burp cloths pinned and ready to sew. I may do that tonight or tomorrow. And then I need to start with the little gowns and such.

I looked through some of my baby clothes last week and need to finish going through some other bags/boxes to see what can be used. It is so fun to do this. While doing so, I found some day gowns that were my MIL's when she was a baby and was thinking I needed to find a safe way of washing them. Some are a bit worn..but most are still quite usable. Does anyone have ideas on how to wash vintage day gowns/baby clothes?

Off to the sewing table:-)


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dreams of Daygowns and Burp Cloths

I love searching for just the right fabric. It isn't always easy to find the one you want, but oh, how rewarding when you do:-) Last Thursday(as I shared in the button post), I went over to Joann's and had a lovely time searching, touching and finding what I wanted. The selection was challenging to choose from...either things were too expensive or just not the right thing..but I did finally find some I liked!

The fabrics above are some lovelies that I found(on separate occasions actually) for some day gowns. I really love the spray of flowers and light feel of the fabric. I believe they are both simple cotton quilting type fabrics. The blue one is the fabric I was trying to decide on which of the blue buttons to choose from, I think the dark may be best with this one. What do you think?

These next ones(above) are a soft, sweet flannel. I bought them for some burp cloths I will be making. I found this really simple pattern/tutorial here. Yes, I already have burp cloths...but I wanted something special and sweet and somewhat girlie:-) The two fabrics on the left will work even if we end up getting a surprise boy(which I highly doubt..this little one feels just like her sisters!) One has little strollers and the other is a sweet, Nursery Rhyme it! The third one is quite girlie..and I just couldn't resist:-) It is covered with hearts and flowers and says "daddy's little sweetheart". Isn't that cute?! I'll use the green fleece with all of them as the contrasting color on the other side. I might start making these today or tomorrow...because I'm still waiting for my patterns and tatting!

Okay, now these three above here are also fun and pretty. I wanted to make some little bubbles and thought the one on the far left(little fairy stars) would be cute as well as the purple flowery one. She will be born in the spring, so I must have some cool, little bubbles don't you think? The middle fabric, which is a light weight eyelet was another non-resistible purchase. I decided it would be used for a bonnet or two:-) I bought a plain white fabric for lining and hope that it will work well.

This lovely one below is one of my favorites! It is a soft, rose colored fleece with another Nursery Rhyme print...I haven't quite decided what to make with it. I'm think a cozy little nightie for those cool, spring evenings or a little robe or I may make it bigger and use it for the fall and winter. Not sure...any ideas? Whatever I use it for...I will be in love with it:-)

And here we have a recap of the first two fabrics for day gowns and then also two plain fabrics that will also be used for day gowns. I loved this yellow one and thought the little daisy buttons would look nice with it. The white one has little checks in it. I like how subtle it is and I think that it would work with some simple embroidery or at least with the tatting I have purchased.

I'm so excited and rather impatient to get started on making these little things for the baby. I will try to remember to post pics as I finish them. For any that may be interested, I will be using patterns mostly from the Old Fashioned Baby. These are all vintage/heirloom type items..and I love them:-) I have a few little gowns from my MIL that I have used with all but Liam. I think it will be fun to make some of my own for this little wee one.

Sorry, if I'm gushing or rambling on...can you tell I'm excited!?


Friday, January 2, 2009


Yesterday, my hubby blessed me with staying with the kids and I was able to go out early to Joann's to take advantage of their New Year sales. I had been given a gift card and wanted to use it on some fabric and notions for the baby. I will be sharing the fabrics I've picked for this wee ones little clothes soon, but...

I just had to share the buttons I found! Perhaps only those that love to sew obsessively will enjoy these, but then again...they are so cute!

All the buttons at Joann's were 50% off and I couldn't pass that up. Especially, since I will be making some little day gowns that will call for some buttons. Above was one of the first I found. Sweet little daisies that will go lovely with a soft yellow fabric I bought for a day gown:-)

Although the pic is not as clear, I thought these blue flower buttons were sweet and will also complement a lovely blue flower sprayed fabric I have. I'm not sure which one I will actually use yet...but I think the dark blue may be best. Perhaps you will help me decide when you see the fabric:-)

Now for the most adorable buttons....

I almost didn't see these, but decided to take one last look over the sweet kiddie buttons before moving on to more "plain" ones. And as I looked, my eyes spied these:

Jemima Puddleduck!

Little, naughty Peter Rabbit!

And either Mrs. Rabbit or Flopsy(from the Flopsy Bunnies)!

Are these not to die for!? I love them:-) They are sweet little shank buttons and just so sweetly painted. I do believe I will use the smaller ones on a day gown or two and the larger ones perhaps I will save for a coat, sweater or larger dress for my sweet one:-)

Well, I do hope you enjoyed my little button fashion show:-) Next I will share the fabrics!


Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Gifts

I have finally taken the time to take pictures and upload them to the computer, of the gifts I made for the kids this Christmas. I enjoyed it so much that I plan on doing it this way again next year...though, perhaps giving myself a bit more time;-)

The above picture is of the dresses I made for the girls' American Girl dolls, Felicity and Elizabeth. To buy dresses is way too expensive and so making them seems best:-) I thankfully have two or three patterns for this size doll and I hope to make more as time goes on. I used the same pattern as for Brenna's birthday doll dress. Only things I did different is the trim on Brenna's(the flowers with red ribbon trim) and adding some length to the sides of the back bodice to make the dress fit better on the dolls. It seemed to help:-)

I made a bag for church and car trips and a stuffed dog for Liam. The bag I just made from my own design...fairly simple and pretty quick to get done. I stitched the star on the pocket with a straight stitch. I really don't know how to embroider or it might have come out a bit better, but Liam likes carrying things around in it:-) The dog comes from a simple little pattern I have. One side is a soft, fluffy material(rather annoying to work with) and then a polka dotted cotton fabric. Again, he enjoys it...and that makes it all worth the work.

Now for the final gifts! I made little aprons for the girls. Again, I didn't have a pattern, just worked them up as I went. They are simple and perhaps not as professional looking as some I could have bought, but I was really happy with them. I wasn't really sure the girls would like these but they put them on and wouldn't take them off for the next few hours! So, I think they enjoyed them:-)

Fiona's apron has a purple bib with little butterflies, bees, frogs and other little insects on it. The ties were contrasting depending on where they were located. Brenna's had a marbled yellow/creme bib with lovely butterflies all over the skirt portion. There were few differences structurally and I really don't think I could explain it if there were;-)

All in all, I am happy and so are the kids. Christmas was pleasant and free of stress. All the fabric I used I had in my stash and I only bought a little thread:-) I look forward to next year!

Now I get to focus on baby clothes, burp cloths and some little boy pants! Yippee!! I actually just went an bought quite a bit of fabric for the baby and I will share those lovelies soon :-) Oh, and some absolutely precious buttons!