Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Gifts

I have finally taken the time to take pictures and upload them to the computer, of the gifts I made for the kids this Christmas. I enjoyed it so much that I plan on doing it this way again next year...though, perhaps giving myself a bit more time;-)

The above picture is of the dresses I made for the girls' American Girl dolls, Felicity and Elizabeth. To buy dresses is way too expensive and so making them seems best:-) I thankfully have two or three patterns for this size doll and I hope to make more as time goes on. I used the same pattern as for Brenna's birthday doll dress. Only things I did different is the trim on Brenna's(the flowers with red ribbon trim) and adding some length to the sides of the back bodice to make the dress fit better on the dolls. It seemed to help:-)

I made a bag for church and car trips and a stuffed dog for Liam. The bag I just made from my own design...fairly simple and pretty quick to get done. I stitched the star on the pocket with a straight stitch. I really don't know how to embroider or it might have come out a bit better, but Liam likes carrying things around in it:-) The dog comes from a simple little pattern I have. One side is a soft, fluffy material(rather annoying to work with) and then a polka dotted cotton fabric. Again, he enjoys it...and that makes it all worth the work.

Now for the final gifts! I made little aprons for the girls. Again, I didn't have a pattern, just worked them up as I went. They are simple and perhaps not as professional looking as some I could have bought, but I was really happy with them. I wasn't really sure the girls would like these but they put them on and wouldn't take them off for the next few hours! So, I think they enjoyed them:-)

Fiona's apron has a purple bib with little butterflies, bees, frogs and other little insects on it. The ties were contrasting depending on where they were located. Brenna's had a marbled yellow/creme bib with lovely butterflies all over the skirt portion. There were few differences structurally and I really don't think I could explain it if there were;-)

All in all, I am happy and so are the kids. Christmas was pleasant and free of stress. All the fabric I used I had in my stash and I only bought a little thread:-) I look forward to next year!

Now I get to focus on baby clothes, burp cloths and some little boy pants! Yippee!! I actually just went an bought quite a bit of fabric for the baby and I will share those lovelies soon :-) Oh, and some absolutely precious buttons!



Zebu said...


Thank you for sharing your wonderful creations! I love the aprons! I just tonight bought fabric, a yellow gingham, to make myself an apron.

My Christmas was also very stress-free--the first in decades! We chose to draw names (which greatly downsized our gift giving), and we put a $20 limit on the gifts (which greatly downsized the money spent). The gifts were as good as, or actually better than other Christmases because so much thought was put into them—-some handmade—others second hand. It was such a wonderful spirit-filled Christmas.

rebecca j said...

Oh Sommer,

You did a wonderful job! I love your darling creations.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Sarah Jane said...

Lovely gifts! I am amazed at your ability and patience to sew such tiny little doll gowns. They came out so prettily! If I still had my Felicity I'd be inspired to try to make her a gown (I gave her to my little sister when I left home). The aprons are adorable! I love how the prints go together and the stuffed dog and bag is just precious!

Simply Heart And Home said...


Those aprons and dresses are adorable as is the bag and little dog. You are so creative. It must be so satisfying to make such lovely outfits. I wish I had the patience and talent to sew.


annamae said...

Aw, those American girl doll dresses took me right back to childhood. My mom used to make dresses for ours too, most turned out even cuter than the ones the catalog sold. I can't wait till my own dear daughter is old enough to play with them and enjoy them as I did. And i'm hoping to add to the wardrobe once that day comes. :) thanks for sharing!