Friday, January 23, 2009

A Happy Birthday Girl!

Yesterday was my daughter, Fiona's 9th birthday. Whenever I think on this, I pause, amazed at the blessings God has given me! To think, I have a 9 year old and what a blessing she is!

She is a very generous, forgiving and affectionate girl. She will quickly try to fix hurts and make things right(especially for her little brother). Sure there are always "things" that need work, but I couldn't be more pleased with the little lady she is turning out to be:-)

For her birthday she asked for a doll house(made by mom). I made a small one for Brenna a couple of years ago and ever since she has thought on that. I decided that she was at a good age for one and so I went looking. I found a lovely kit, which included all the pieces for the cottage and furniture as well:-)

As you can see from above...she is pretty happy with her house.

Yes, I isn't put together yet...somehow that didn't really bother her. Fiona is looking forward to helping me put it together and I am looking forward to doing it. Instead of the red, we will be using a light blue and white. Fiona and I will make little knitted and sewn cushions and blankets for the furniture. Wont that be fun!?

We still have a little party scheduled for tomorrow at my parents' house(actually for Fiona and Liam, who turns 2 in a week or so). So...the festivities continue!


I still find myself reflecting on the age of my children and realizing how swiftly life flits by. God has been so gracious in blessing me with my children, giving them to me for a time. I pray that I raise them up in a way that they will learn well to love God, to follow His law and fight for Him. It is a huge responsibility we have as parents and I pray He gives me all that I need to do it well.

Happy Birthday sweet girl!



Serena said...

Happy Birthday Fiona!!!

Zebu said...

Oh, Sommer, what a beautiful post. You sound like a lovely mother who strives to raise her children up unto the Lord and who seems to be very thankful for the children from your Heavenly Father.

I can relate to you in that I know that Heavenly Father has given me my children for a time. That time is pretty much up. I received a beautiful email from a friend praising my son (he went to stay with them recently, out of state, for a week and a half). She just was so positive in her remarks about him and the mission he is about to go on. She commented on the good boy that he is. I have to admit that I am biased as his mother. However, over the years, we have seen that he has the gift of touching so many others. It is quite wonderful to see. I have had quite a time reflecting on how badly I will miss my boy when he leaves. But, as I read my friend’s email, I told my son that indeed, the Lord only gave me stewardship over him as his mother on this earth and that his true calling is to bring others unto Christ. If Hannah (I think it was Hannah) could give Samuel up unto the Lord’s work and only see him once a year, I can certainly give Elliott up for two years to do our Heavenly Father’s bidding.

Indeed we are blessed as Mothers. I would not give the calling away for ANYTHING or ANY amount of money EVER!

Thank you for posting, Sommer, and for sharing your beautiful heart.

Blessings to you. :)

Sarah Jane said...

This is such a lovely post. I feel the same way about the responsibility we have as mothers. At times it is so overwhelming. I am so grateful to the Lord for blessing me with being able to have you as well as other mother-bloggers to look to as examples and encouragement when I get discouraged with what seems like my failing attempts (I have a VERY strong willed firstborn!)

Happy Birthday to Fiona! The doll house looks so pretty and will be so much fun to put together! I had a homemade dollhouse from my grandma and grandpa when I was little and I wish I still had it!

PatinTenn said...

Please tell Fiona Happy Birthday !

I hope she had a great day.

I have moved back over here to blogger again to see how things go. Stop by and see what you think.

I will make a final choice here soon.


Simply Heart And Home said...

What beautiful pictures! Fiona is lovely.

They grow up too fast, my friend.