Saturday, January 17, 2009

Answering a Question

When I posted about my new piece in the Poetry Corner, I had intended on linking to a place so that you could see the book Daughters of Destiny and buy it if you wanted. Unfortunately I could not find it where I'd bought it and so gave up for the time.

But Miss Jen asked me in the comments if the book was still available and so I thought I'd do a little more research. So far the only copies I've found are what seem to be older(because it has only the author's maiden name). I don't know if there were any changes made to my copy from that one..but probably not. My copy is published 2003.

To answer your question Miss Jen, I am not sure if the book is in current print now or not, but I did find at least an older copy at and perhaps that will help. Here is the link: Daughters of Destiny

You might also double check again on Vision Forum(where I originally purchased it) and see if it is there. I might have just missed it:-)....Okay, so I decided to call Vision Forum;-) And it seems that it is no longer available. So if you want a copy I'd definitely check out the link.

If you can get your hands on it, I think you will really enjoy it!


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