Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dreams of Daygowns and Burp Cloths

I love searching for just the right fabric. It isn't always easy to find the one you want, but oh, how rewarding when you do:-) Last Thursday(as I shared in the button post), I went over to Joann's and had a lovely time searching, touching and finding what I wanted. The selection was challenging to choose from...either things were too expensive or just not the right thing..but I did finally find some I liked!

The fabrics above are some lovelies that I found(on separate occasions actually) for some day gowns. I really love the spray of flowers and light feel of the fabric. I believe they are both simple cotton quilting type fabrics. The blue one is the fabric I was trying to decide on which of the blue buttons to choose from, I think the dark may be best with this one. What do you think?

These next ones(above) are a soft, sweet flannel. I bought them for some burp cloths I will be making. I found this really simple pattern/tutorial here. Yes, I already have burp cloths...but I wanted something special and sweet and somewhat girlie:-) The two fabrics on the left will work even if we end up getting a surprise boy(which I highly doubt..this little one feels just like her sisters!) One has little strollers and the other is a sweet, Nursery Rhyme one...love it! The third one is quite girlie..and I just couldn't resist:-) It is covered with hearts and flowers and says "daddy's little sweetheart". Isn't that cute?! I'll use the green fleece with all of them as the contrasting color on the other side. I might start making these today or tomorrow...because I'm still waiting for my patterns and tatting!

Okay, now these three above here are also fun and pretty. I wanted to make some little bubbles and thought the one on the far left(little fairy stars) would be cute as well as the purple flowery one. She will be born in the spring, so I must have some cool, little bubbles don't you think? The middle fabric, which is a light weight eyelet was another non-resistible purchase. I decided it would be used for a bonnet or two:-) I bought a plain white fabric for lining and hope that it will work well.

This lovely one below is one of my favorites! It is a soft, rose colored fleece with another Nursery Rhyme print...I haven't quite decided what to make with it. I'm think a cozy little nightie for those cool, spring evenings or a little robe or I may make it bigger and use it for the fall and winter. Not sure...any ideas? Whatever I use it for...I will be in love with it:-)

And here we have a recap of the first two fabrics for day gowns and then also two plain fabrics that will also be used for day gowns. I loved this yellow one and thought the little daisy buttons would look nice with it. The white one has little checks in it. I like how subtle it is and I think that it would work with some simple embroidery or at least with the tatting I have purchased.

I'm so excited and rather impatient to get started on making these little things for the baby. I will try to remember to post pics as I finish them. For any that may be interested, I will be using patterns mostly from the Old Fashioned Baby. These are all vintage/heirloom type items..and I love them:-) I have a few little gowns from my MIL that I have used with all but Liam. I think it will be fun to make some of my own for this little wee one.

Sorry, if I'm gushing or rambling on...can you tell I'm excited!?



Sarah Jane said...

Oh Sommer!! What truly lovely, beautiful fabrics. I can't decide which one I like best - they are all so nice! What pretty, soft colors as well. I can't *wait* to see the gowns you make! I've never heard of the Old Fashioned Baby so I believe I will have to check it out!

Serena said...

Everything is lovely. I can't wait to see the finished outfits! I love baby bubbles.

Shannon said...

Sommer, what beautiful fabrics for your baby! I didn't think you gushed or rambled, but I think you certainly have excellent reason to do both! ;-) And thanks so much for the Old Fashioned Baby link -- I hadn't heard of it before, either, and I just love their patterns!

Yours in Christ,

Lady Jen said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. I love hearing the story behind the name of your blog. You have a lovely blog!

Dear Abbi said...

Pretty fabrics!

I'm so sorry there are no CVS stores near you! I'm thankful for the opportunity to save our family some $$ there.

fairmaiden said...

Oh so pretty. I have a weakness for anything with tiny rosebuds on it.

Thank you for the idea to use different cushions on my adirondecks rather than paint them. I will do just that. I think I will try to find some pretty white ones for now. Come summer I will change them to something rosey.

BTW~I like this soft robin's egg blue color for your blog the best!

Miss Jen said...

What beautiful fabrics...you must be so excited about your finds!!;)

I just found your blog and look forward to visiting again! ;)
It is such a joy to meet fellow seamstresses as well as sisters-in-Christ!!

Many Blessings,
Miss Jen

Simply Heart And Home said...


I love the fabrics you chose. Flannel is so soft and cozy. I'm excited for you. :)

Happy sewing!


Simply Heart And Home said...


I just knew you would love Little Women. I do love Jo's Boys as well. They are such sweet priceless books. :)

And for a bit of news, I am hoping to have a giveaway every month. Tomorrow I will post the particulars for January and I hope you will join us for the fun. You are welcome to invite others if you'd like as well.