Saturday, January 24, 2009

Burp Cloths and Baby Update

I wanted to share with you the burp cloths I made for my little lassie that is coming in a few months. I haven't started anything else yet....I know...the time is fast approaching. The dresses, bonnets and booties are next:-) I'm working on the gauge for some booties and then I'll start those and get to work on dresses.

Anyhow, I did get to the burp cloths and they really were rather easy to create. Simple instructions, fairly quick work. The above picture shows them from afar so you can see the full affect. I used three different prints and then the backing fabric was all the same color. I did this for two reasons: first, I wanted there to be some continuity to my "theme". Okay, I don't really have a theme as I don't have a separate nursery, but I thought the colors worked well together and so there you go:-) Second, I wanted to make the sewing process as easy/quick as possible. If they all had different backing fabrics, I would end up having to change threads and bobbins for each set. Didn't want to do that! So, I used all green flannel for the backs and then I just worked in assembly line fashion and voila! They were done:-)

Below is an up close picture showing the details of my print fabrics. Aren't they just sweet!? I know that I will enjoy using these for my little one because I made them especially for her:-)

Now, I wanted to share a brief update on me and baby:-) I really haven't done that much and maybe that is just because pregnancy isn't especially new to me. But I am really enjoying this pregnancy and feel rather good!

My first two pregnancies were physically uncomfortable but with Liam and now this dear, I am feeling physically pretty good. I have more aches and pains with this one and different issues popping up than before. But none are a big detail and I guess when it is your fourth...your bound to come up with "new" things;-)

I went in to see my new doctor for the second time yesterday(I'd been using a no cost clinic until we had insurance starting this month) and I have to say I really like her. I think she will be great for my delivery!

Last time I went in, I took a glucose test to check for diabetes(which runs in the family) and other typical labs. All came out fine and my blood pressure has been with in normal limits. Praise God! I battled with pre-eclampsia in my first pregnancy and it is always a concern.

We looked at the little one and we got a very definite gender check..the baby is a girl! Yeah!! Apparently she is measuring at 29 weeks but I am supposedly only 27 weeks...go figure;-) My doctor said she figured we are right give or take a week or so...however I told her that all of my babies have been large(Liam was (9lbs 11oz)), so it could just be that. She said that could explain it. I guess I better make sure things are made large enough!

I haven't been gaining an excess of weight this time(which is good for me) and I feel really great. I have had some bad headaches but usually acetaminophen kicks it.

One of the high points of my appointment was when they did the ultrasound and showed me her sweet face. It was rather clear and I could see where her eyes, nose and mouth were. But what was so sweet were the fat, round cheeks! I couldn't believe how chubby they were and she isn't even fully done growing! So cute:-)

And to finish off my is a pic of me today at about 6 months along:-) Enjoy!

Blessings and Have a wonderful Lord's Day!


Zebu said...

Oh, blessings to you too, Sommer! How fun to see the precious little thing. Ultrasounds are so good these days, aren't they?! You have that cute pregnant tummy, too. :)

I LOVE the burp cloths! When I was pregnant with #2, and we were using cloth diapers, my mom made some and sent them up. I kept them for years. There's something about the homemade that just brings me back to days of yore. :)

I am excited to see what else you'll create for the little one.

Speaking of the Lord’s Day, I am rather dreading getting up early and out into the cold tomorrow. It is snowing and pretty cold out, and the bed feels awfully cozy on those morns. But, I enjoy the Sabbath for the rest it affords. :)

Thank you for the update.

Sharyn said...

Good morning Sommer, lovely to 'see' you, love, cousin Sharyn/KalamaQuilts

Miss Jen said...

How exciting to have another little wee one on the way!! ;) Praise the Lord that your pregnancy is going so well. I pray the Lord's blessing on the remainder of your pregnancy.
A Blessed Sabath day to you and your family!!

In Christ,
Miss Jen

Your burp cloths are just lovely!! ;)
I like the prints with the green backing.

cathleen said...

Beautiful...just are glowing with good health and happiness!

Sarah Jane said...

The burp cloths are so darling! With my own little new one I always enjoy using the things made especially for him as well. :)

I am so glad your pregnancy is going well and that you like your new doctor. May all continue to go well, especially as you get down into these final weeks! I'll be keeping you in my prayers!

You look radiantly lovely with your precious baby belly, and so happy!

Simply Heart And Home said...


You are radiant! I'm so glad you have a good healthy report. Praise God!

The burp cloths are precious. Your sweet baby will enjoy them. :)

As for me, after much thought, I decided to start writing some password protected posts. Some things are not meant for everyone to read. I would appreciate your prayers and words of wisdom. Email me for the password, if you’d like. Gina

Leila said...

I really love your burp cloths! They are very sweet. You did a great job!

Love your blog!

Zebu said...

Gina and Sommer,

How does one go about writing a password-protected post? I had a rather rude post last night from some guy from who-knows-where. Also, as you said, somethings are best kept private.

I'd be happy to know how to do this.

Thank you. :)


Lauren Christine said...

You look so beautiful! :) And I love the new burp cloths. As soon as we find out if the baby is a boy or a girl, I think I'll head straight to the fabric store... lol. Okay, maybe I'll wait till the weekend :) But those look like a great idea!

Tilly said...

Oh Sommer you look beautiful! And what a delightful baby bump. :) I'm so happy to hear that everything is going well for you and the little Miss. :) The burp cloths look lovely! I have some of that very same nursery rhyme flannel, isn't it just the cutest? I can't wait to see your next projects! When you say that you're working on gauge for the booties, is that a hint of a knitting project? Happy crafting dear friend!


ps) Oh! Thank you for remember about, he's still got his cold, and now a bit of a cough...lots of snuggles seem to be doing the trick though!

Miss Jen said...

I've tagged you!! ;)

If you are interested go here....

Blessings~Miss Jen

I totally understand if you don't do tagging! ;)

Simply Heart And Home said...

I love that picture of you, Sommer. You have the sweetest smile on your face. I treasure your friendship.


fairmaiden said...

Dear Sommer~ Of course you can use the pic of seaside women! I found it at

You look wonderful pregnant! So glad to hear everything is good. It is amazing you we're able see her chubby cheeks and facial features so well. It makes me think of all the babies that get killed because people choose to abort them. How can they say its not a life. I did want to let you know that babies do tend to come faster when it's time to be ready to leave for the hospital as soon as you go into labor. My fourth was born in 3 hrs. from the first contraction. My fourth was also BIG at 10lbs. 11oz! My first three pregnancies we're easy breezy, but I was very weak for my fourth, I had low thyroid which they didn't discover till after his birth. I'm so excited for you! Your quiver is full. God bless you.

Rebecca J said...

You are adorable Sommer!

I thought I had already left a comment here.

So, here's another: Very cute!

I can't believe all you are accomplishing to welcome this little one. Wonderful job Mama!