Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

As tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I wanted to post some things that I am thankful for. There are many things, but a few are most important to me.

~I am thankful for my Lord and Savior who died for me. It is because of Him that I have any hope and that I have joy everlasting. Praise God!

~I am thankful for my children...Fiona, Brenna, Liam and our newest little one, Rowan. They are truly a treasure and a gift from God.

~My dearest husband, Dan...he is so very patient with me and so very loving and good to me. I am so thankful that the Lord brought him into my life and that we have many more years to spend together.

~I am thankful for our home, small though it may be.

~I am thankful for the prospect of a new home...this is something we never thought could possibly happen(and no, there is no new news yet).

~I am thankful too, to live in a country that still allows the freedom to worship my Lord. I have no fear and will gladly proclaim the Gospel!

~I am thankful for all my friends both here and in person. Each one of you has been a blessing in some way to me. Thanks ever so much for your friendships.

"Give thanks unto the LORD, call upon his name, make known his deeds among the people." ~1 Chronicles 16:8

"Praise ye the LORD. O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever." ~Psalm 106:1

"In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." ~1 Thessalonians 5:18

I pray that each of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! May it be full of blessings and joy and may you each find many things to be thankful for.


Friday, November 13, 2009

What I've been up to...

I can't believe it! I'm posting before another month has sped by..yippee!
I've been trying to get my focus and start preparing for Christmas. Yes, I know, Thanksgiving hasn't happened yet. But, I plan on making our gifts for Christmas again this year and I really ought to be moving...don't you think?
So, I've been checking patterns, making lists, gathering materials and slowly starting my projects. Hopefully, I will get my momentum going here and have time for every thing I want to make.

I also have been making up some baby food for Rowan. I could buy it, but it is much more expensive that way and at least this way, I can see what is in my food for her. I've also found that some recipes they have out there include common allergens for our family and so I have to be careful. I'm sure I'll buy some jars here and there, but I am hoping to make most of what she needs and also have her eating what we eat sooner than later(even if all mooshed up;-)
A week or so back I made up some Pear Sauce. At the time I only had a hand mill. I will just say that this is NOT the best way to puree up a large amount of sauce...I'm just saying...
So, I asked my parents for a blender for my birthday ;-) and they delivered!
On Monday, I baked up some Acorn Squash and then pureed it in my new blender...NICE! Today I decided I better get to the Granny Smith apples and cooked them up on the stove. Again, the blender did a bang-up job on the applesauce..lovely, smooth sauce :-)

(The finished product from this weeks baby food making~in the bag:Acorn squash, in the ice cube tray and small tub:applesauce)

I really enjoy making Rowan's food. I hope she enjoys it too. Next up: carrots :-)

On Wednesday we had a special day that we took off from school and work. It was Homeschool Day at the Discovery Kingdom park(what used to be Marine World). What a blast that was! How can you not enjoy being surrounded by a bunch of (mostly) like-minded folks that do not look at you funny for having 4 kids? It was great. We were able to see most of the animals in the park and enjoy some rides too. We saw the Tiger show at Odin's Temple of the Tiger..very cool and Shouka the Killer Whale(very awesome and Fiona got drenched) as well as the bird show..lovely!

The kids, Dan and I all had a great time. I'm glad we could do it. So, I'll leave you with a few pics from our day :-)

Liam soberly waiting for the adventure to begin. Can't you tell he's excited?

The kids really liked seeing the elephants up close. Fiona was our expert...she could tell that there were both Asian AND African elephants there. Mom and Dad said no, we didn't think so...but the trainer validated our little lady :-) The kiddos wanted to ride the elephants, but it was an extra cost...sorry kids!

Here is the male, white Bengal Tiger diving...only 1 year old and already 300 lbs! Oh my goodness..he was beautiful! By the way, while here, I happened to get to meet one of my bloggy friends, Rebecca! So awesome..only wish we could have talked a bit longer.

And last but surely not least, Shouka the Killer Whale or Orca :-) What a beautiful creature! She is amazing. Fiona sat right up in the "Splash Zone" and got very wet. She didn't mind but I'm glad I moved up a few seats or Rowan(who I was wearing at the time) and I would have been drenched.

This was a great trip and a wonderful opportunity to see the variety in God's creation. He is truly an awesome God and His creation is a testament to His power and might for sure!


Friday, November 6, 2009

Hello and Gratitude Friday

Yes, I'm still here ;-) Another month! Oh well, I hope you all don't mind that I've been a tad absent. It has been a bit hard coming up with things to write about. Easier just to not write some days.

But, I wanted to join my friend Tilly in her Gratitude Friday posts. I like the idea of taking my mind off those negative things that are much easier to focus on and turning my thoughts to those things which I have to be thankful for...which are much more than one might see if only looking at the challenges.

So, I am thankful for...

~A friend that remembers me on my birthday(Thanks Tilly!!!)

~For another year to look forward to in my life.

~For a sweet baby girl with the most kissable cheeks and rosy lips!

~For darling children that work together for a common goal and find pride in work well done.
(and they even made that tower reach to the ceiling!)

~For smiling boys in a creative house. When you don't have a tree house..come up with something else!

The joys of the simple pleasures in life, for creativity without a lot of materials or money, and brother/sisterhood..friends for life..Can't get better than that and I am truely grateful for the blessings the Lord has put in my life!


**Oh, and there hasn't been any more news on the home front. We are STILL waiting on the seller's bank to approve things and then the VA inspection must go through. Please pray for me to be patient and that I will be content as I wait on the Lord's perfect timing. Thanks!