Friday, November 6, 2009

Hello and Gratitude Friday

Yes, I'm still here ;-) Another month! Oh well, I hope you all don't mind that I've been a tad absent. It has been a bit hard coming up with things to write about. Easier just to not write some days.

But, I wanted to join my friend Tilly in her Gratitude Friday posts. I like the idea of taking my mind off those negative things that are much easier to focus on and turning my thoughts to those things which I have to be thankful for...which are much more than one might see if only looking at the challenges.

So, I am thankful for...

~A friend that remembers me on my birthday(Thanks Tilly!!!)

~For another year to look forward to in my life.

~For a sweet baby girl with the most kissable cheeks and rosy lips!

~For darling children that work together for a common goal and find pride in work well done.
(and they even made that tower reach to the ceiling!)

~For smiling boys in a creative house. When you don't have a tree house..come up with something else!

The joys of the simple pleasures in life, for creativity without a lot of materials or money, and brother/sisterhood..friends for life..Can't get better than that and I am truely grateful for the blessings the Lord has put in my life!


**Oh, and there hasn't been any more news on the home front. We are STILL waiting on the seller's bank to approve things and then the VA inspection must go through. Please pray for me to be patient and that I will be content as I wait on the Lord's perfect timing. Thanks!


Miss Jen said...

What rich BLESSINGS!!!! :>)

Happy Birthday~ dearest friend. <3

With Much Love Your Sister
in Christ~ Jen

Sommer said...

Thank you so much Jenny!

Lots of love,

Sarah Jane said...

Happy birthday Sommer!! Your children are so SWEET, I especially like Liams house. My little guys are starting to build such houses themselves and they are so proud of what they can accomplish! :)

You are so right, it is far easier to focus on negative or challenging things. I appreciated so much reading your list of blessings.

I will be praying for God's peace and for patience during this waiting time about the house. I was hoping you would have heard something by now but God's timing is the best timing! Have a blessed day!