Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tonight I received a newsletter from Rebekah Wilson at Hope Chest Legacy. It makes me sad and frustrated! Because of a new law(CPSIA (HR 4040) law) regarding the safety of toys and much more, she is having to close the "physical" side of her store come January 31st. It is a sad thing that this law has and will affect so many. Here is an interesting site that explains and tries to update this law and amendments that are being worked on. If you are unfamiliar with this law, it may be worth the read.

Apparently Rebekah Wilson does plan on continuing to sell what she can through e-books and the like, but she wants to clear out her physical inventory if she can. So she is offering a pretty awesome deal. It feels bittersweet, but it is worth going and looking at if you have ever been interested in her products. Perhaps you will want to help this be less painful for her and (like me) stock up a little on some craft or homeschooling tools/books. Take a look here for more info.



Simply Heart And Home said...


I've not heard of that law before. How sad for your friend. I will buzz on over to check out what she has left.



Zebu said...

I went to Rebekah’s site. She wrote, “Please pray for our nation—there are rough times ahead for all of us.” Indeed there are, Rebekah, Sommer. Though we are supposed to look forward with a “steadfastness of heart”, it is so difficult for me to see the direction in which our nation is spiraling. One can see the works of Satan at every turn. To me, we are rather quickly becoming a dictatorship such as was the Soviet Union, and this is exactly where he wants us. I pray, for the righteous sake, that our Heavenly Father will spare this. However, as we know the end of the story, I’m not sure how much He will spare.

Tilly said...

I believe that things made from natural fibers will be exempt, and they have said that the limits/guidlines etc. will continue to be established once the even after the law is passed. We can certainly hope so!!