Saturday, April 4, 2009

Some Sweet Gifts

Over the last couple of years, I have been very blessed by the friendships I've made in blog land and email. Such loving women there are out there...and yet we've never met in person!

About two weeks ago, I was very much reminded of such blessings when my sweet friend, Sarah, sent out some lovely homemade gifts for my wee girlie:-) I thought I'd share these sweet things with you all here:-)

As you can see above, there is quite an assortment of gifts here. Firstly, lets just say "aaaah" as we gaze on these adorable little elephant goodies! On the left is a lovely, soft, silky toy elephant...sweet and with no little buttons that baby may, um, eat. And on the right is a wonderful bib. It is a nice sized bib that will be usable when wee girlie is bigger(as well as when wee) and look at that darling elephant in the middle! There is lovely hand stitching done around the elephant and I am sure it will be painful to use it the first time with a little messy baby! Perhaps I should just frame it?!

Next is a beautiful little dress with panties! I just love this dress...the fabric, the trim! Just lovely!

And for me:-) Handmade, washable nursing pads! On the back side is a soft, blue flannel(I think) and on the front Sarah used fabrics from the items she made my wee girlie, with a bit of trim down the center:-) These are great and I look forward to trying them out. Now if I could just figure out how she made them...I'd make some more:-)

This was truly a sweet gift and I am very touched that I received them! Thank you ever so much Sarah!


While I'm here, I guess I ought to give a little update:-) I am just a little over a week away from my delivery date(I am having a c-section) and things are falling into place quite nicely. I am doing well and so is my wee girlie. Though, I found out Friday(okay, I already suspected this!) that my wee girlie isn't so very wee. At 37 weeks she is already a whopping 9.5 lbs according to the ultrasound technician! There go any tiny outfits that once fit my small daughters(8lb 12oz and 7lb 12oz..)! Liam was 9lb 11oz when he was born and I do believe his "little" sister is going to out do him here:-o

I am having some carpal tunnel, but otherwise I have felt pretty good. Today the crib got put back together and I organized the diaper table. Now I just need to wash up the clothes and such and pack my bag(whaaaat!) and all the necessaries should be done :-) Yippee!!!

I do hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. May the Lord bless you and have a great Lord's Day!



Simply Heart And Home said...


What lovely gifts! I have something for you as well and it shall be in the mail very soon. :)

I'll be praying for you this week. I remember that last week does seem long. Before you know it, your wee girl will be in your arms.



Clare Marie-Therese Duroc said...

What sweet gifts! That dress is ever so darling.

I'll be praying for you, too! God bless and keep you and the little one!

Tilly said...

How sweet! Those elephants are sooo cute! And perhaps we should ask Sarah to do a tutorial for the nursing pads? They are just lovely! I'm afraid your package will not be quite ready in time for the baby...but hopefully not too late!!
Much love,

Sarah Jane said...

I am so glad to hear you are doing well! I've been popping in quite often, hoping for an update on you and your little one! Wow, a little over a week to go! I'm so excited for you! My littlest sister also a big baby, and she got stuck on the way out. Thankfully with a c-section you don't have to worry abou that! :)

I used this tutorial for the nursing pads. They were such fun to make!

God Bless! I will be praying for you very often as your time draws near!

Zebu said...

What a nice post, Sommer. :)

Thanks for the update on your pregnancy. Oooo, I'll bet that you're so excited!

Blessings be with you the remainder of your time.

PatinTenn said...

Hello my friend,

I am so thankful that you posted an update. I have been checking in to see how you were coming.

The gifts are so very sweet. That was very nice of Sarah to think of you like that.

Please let us know how things are going this week and I will be praying for you and the family.

Much love and blessings,

Lauren Christine said...

Oh, such pretty things!! :) I'll be praying for you as the time comes closer- I bet you can't wait to meet you little girl!!