Thursday, April 23, 2009

One Week of Bliss and Counting...

Well, we are home(as of last Friday afternoon) and getting into the swing of things! Thanks to all of you for your prayers and sweet encouragements! I truly was the least anxious that I have ever been during my c-sections and I know it has been because of all your prayers on my behalf....thank you thank you!!!

We are taking life in slow motion right now..still continuing our little break with school and just doing what must be done. My hubby has been an awesome help and my older kiddos have taken to their little sister quite well:-) I am reminded once again why babies are such a blessing...they bring such sweet joy to our world!

Of course there is plenty of snuggle time going on and kisses and smelling of sweet baby cheeks. Not to mention, lots of mama nursing and diaper changing! But it is bliss!

Rowan, so far, is a mild, quiet little lady. She cries...but infrequently. She lets us know when she is needing me to come for her or when she has a bit of gas, but most time she just gives us sweet smiles or gurgles. She has been taking more time to just take it all in and I love to watch her as she watches us all around her. It looks like I may be blessed with another little love. Of course!

A lot of my pictures are of her sleeping, but I have a few with her just looking about. I love how alert she is sometimes. I wonder what she is thinking of?

And aren't these toes just scrumptious!!!! She has tiny, slim feet but they are just so snugglable!

Here she is in a very alert moment. Makes you just want to kiss her! I find myself gazing at all her little features and finding it hard to believe that all my little ones have at one time or another been this(or close to it)small!

I wasn't sure how Liam would take to his new sister, but I had no reason to worry. He has doted on her in his toddler fashion more than any one. When she cries, he comes and says, "it's okay Rowan. You happy now?" He loves to look at her and sit next to me when I am feeding her. I feel blessed that she has such a good big brother in her life...I think they will be very close through the years:-)

I have some more pictures that I will share soon. Just wanted you all to know that we were home and that I am recovering fairly well. I have an appointment on Tuesday to see how all is going and hopefully I will get a good bill of health.

Have a blessed day!


Clare Marie-Therese Duroc said...

What a darling! And how sweet about Liam.... it's always interesting to see how the little one will adjust to the brand new littlest one. :)

Serena said...

She is adorable! And she looks so sweet. You look great! I'm glad everyone is adjusting well. ;) Cuddle as much as you can!

PatinTenn said...

How sweet !! Thank you so much for the pictures.

She is just beautiful !!

It is good to hear that you are doing good as well. Just take it easy and take care of yourself. I wish I lived closer so I could come over and help out. (And steal a hug or two, lol).

You have a wonderful family and you and Dan are blessed.

Take care and I will check back on you again soon.

Love and blessings,

Sarah Jane said...

Oh Sommer!!! What a beautiful, beautiful lady she is. How blessed you are!

It is amazing to look at these photos of your precious newborn and to look at my 3 month old, who suddenly seems so very, very big! How quickly the newborn time goes past. . .enjoy it!!! :)

Thank you for sharing an update and these pictures! I've been checking every day! :)

cathleen said...

Oh, Sommer...she's a sweetie-pie! Congratulations! What a blessing!

Dear Abbi said...

Aww you both are so cute! And you look especially happy! Congrats again. :)

Zebu said...

How sweet, Sommer. What wonderful pictures! I’m so glad that all is going well. I loved the little comment that your toddler makes to baby when she cries! ;)

fairmaiden said...

She is so beautiful Sommer. And so are you holding her here.