Friday, April 24, 2009

A Nestful...

Okay, I couldn't keep away long ;-) Right now, my little nest feels a touch empty. A dear friend of mine invited my girls to stay at her house yesterday(she has kids they play with) and they are still there! She'll be bringing them back tonight. It is rather quiet, even with a new baby and a little boy roaming about the house! There is no bickering only silly chatter with my son and snuggle time that I just can't pass up :-) I look forward to my girls coming home and I pray that we will be able to work on the bickering issue and cause more friendship than disagreements to be present here.

Anyhow, I thought I'd share some more pics of the kids marveling at their newest sibling. Above, the girls are enjoying watching Rowan as she sleeps in a little nest made by me. It keeps her close but allows me to do some other things near by. They were quite taken with it...and her...

But then, who wouldn't be when greeted by such sweet, sleepy smiles?! Isn't that precious! I could just gobble her up:-)

Brenna is very much loving her new sister. I think it is especially special to her that Rowan looks a lot like Brenna did when a baby. Fiona and Liam were my blondies, curled and big! Brenna was my dark,straight haired darling...slim and small, and Rowan looks a lot like she did. She will be a good big sister...I can tell already.

And finally, here is Liam holding Rowan's tiny hand. He didn't want to let go ;-) It was so sweet watching him hold her and today he was wanting to hold her hand again. He also kept wanting her to kiss him :-) Of course, I obliged by leaning her into his cheek and she'd give him a wet little peck(okay, she was rooting around...but I'm not telling him that!). He loved that:-)

My nest is full! My husband and I are so pleased to watch our family increase. Each time we've had a new child, I find myself contemplating what my priorities are and what areas I truly need to work in. I have much that needs to change and yet, I see that my children know I love them. I desire to make their childhood as happy and lovely as is possible without skipping the raising up for God, training them to love Him and desiring to be His. It is a huge responsibility we carry but I know the Lord will equip us with what we need and that ultimately He does the work...we are simply their caretakers and trainers! May the Lord give Dan and I wisdom as we take on this great task!



PatinTenn said...

You and Dan are doing a fine job raising the children.

The best thing that you can do is just let the children see you loving the Lord. Following God and His ways, praising Him for His goodness and grace and thanking Him for His mercy.

That is a good start to raising up His children.

Love to you all,

Andrea said...

Your children are so beautiful! Yes, your nest if full. I praise God with you for His many blessings.

I appreciate your values and your dedication to God and your family. He will reward you for your love.

Blessings to you in Christ.


Sarah Jane said...

What a beautiful post. I appreciate the last bit so much, as I find myself thinking the same thing so often. May the Lord give all of us the great wisdom we need to train up our little ones. Being a young mom I appreciate so much the example and encouragement of you more experienced moms! Thank you for reflecting Him, Sommer!

Rowan is just so beautiful! (As are all your children!) I especially love the picture of Liam holding her dear little hand. How very sweet!

Mrs. G said...

Sommer, I wanted to congratulate you on your newest blessing, she is a beautiful little girl. It is so refreshing to see how your other children are being taught to adore her too, just as the Lord would wish it! I'm glad your c-section went well, there is so much to praise him for, isn't there? ;-)


Mrs A said...

Beautiful pics, Sommer!!! Gorgeous and wondeful family :)

Heart Felt said...

Thanks for visiting Heart Felt and leaving your lovely comment. What a beautiful family you have and lovely photographs. xx

Mama Hen said...

Hi! I came to visit you from Generation Cedar. Congratulations on your newest little one. She is precious. I love the picture of her smiling in her sleep. And I love the names of your girls. So pretty.

"The Othermother" said...

I love your othermother,
little ones have been my life, I had four, one day I turned my head, and they were grown up. They were sweet blessings,and how I miss the days of sippy cups and blankets and stories by the fireplace.Now, I have eight grandchildren...which are my crowns here on earth. God doubled my joy and my home is always filled with the love of children...I think I may be the biggest kid of all..Love each day, time passes by so fast.
God bless

Zebu said...

Thank you for sharing your little nestful with us!