Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What's In a Name?

When Dan and I were thinking up names for our daughter, we went straight to our handy baby name books. As you all may have noticed, we've kind of stuck to a theme...we tend to be drawn to Irish, Gaelic names. Can't seem to help ourselves ;-P I've got a smidgen of Irish in me...so that is my excuse...or maybe it is just the way the names sound.

In any case, I was thrilled when Dan agreed to the name Rowan Meara ...I've always loved the name Rowan and now I have my own little sweetie with the name :-)

The meanings for Rowan in the book we used are pretty general: English~"a red-berried tree" or Irish~"little red-headed girl". Meara means "mirthful" in Irish Gaelic according to the book. So far...Rowan is not red-headed...but it could happen :-)

One thing I hadn't done was actually see a Rowan tree. So recently I went on the web and looked up some images and info about them.

Apparently they are best known in Europe for their red berries, but in China there are white varieties...rather interesting.

Here is a link talking about the Rowan tree. On one site I found out that unfortunately this tree is also cherished by the wiccans, but I still like the name and still enjoy the beauty of the tree.

Isn't this one below lovely with all its red berries? Not to mention the rushing water :-)
I hope you enjoyed this little post. When we name our children we always try to find ones with lovely meanings. This isn't always easy, but we try. I especially love the meaning of Meara. I hope my little girl will always be mirthful...full of joy!

Today, Rowan is three weeks old and she is a beauty and a darling little one. She has surely stolen all of our hearts!



Lauren Christine said...

She's SO beautiful!! And what a lovely, lovely name. Give her an extra snuggle for me! :)

Ashley said...

She is adorable! Congratulations on your new wee one.

I love the name Rowan, too. And Meara, I had never heard of before. The meaning is delightful!


Clare Marie-Therese Duroc said...

Thank you for sharing a bit of the story behind the name, Sommer. We were raised on Scot/Irish folk songs, and rowan trees often figure predominately in them, so whenever I think of your baby I think of music and song. What a sweet picture of her... she is so beautiful!

Heart Felt said...

I love that name! She is such a doll, beautiful. xx

Serena said...

I think you already know how I love your taste in names! ;)

Her name is so lovely and it suits her perfectly.

Zebu said...

That's special the way you name your babies. You're a good mommy!

Sarah Jane said...

This is a lovely post! I love the names you picked for your new daughter and enjoyed reading more about the meanings behind them. I did look up Rowan's name when I first heard you mention it and I LOVED the meaning - so cute! :) Meara is a beautiful name as well.

We likewise stick with "themes" when naming our children. All Hebrew so far! :) Although if God decides to bless us with another little one and we have a girl, we'll break out of that tradition and name her Charlotte.

Rowan is indeed beautiful. Her eyes are so big and bright and it looks like she is trying to smile! What an alert, lovely, bright little baby. I can't believe she is 3 weeks old already!

Andi said...

What beautiful children you have! I found your blog through my friend Ashley and it looks like we have some things in common!

Mrs. G said...

I enjoyed reading about how you name your babies. We too think meanings are important and try to find a name that fits with the rest. I'm hoping, though, that this baby won't be a girl, we can't come up with *anything* for a little girl! ;-)