Tuesday, September 11, 2007


This is an area of great difficulty for me. I procrastinate. I always have and I know it. I consider this an area of sin for me. Why? Well, if I just procrastinated once in awhile it wouldn't be an area of concern for me. Everyone procrastinates once in awhile. But when you do it to the point that it effects what you need to get done...well then it is a problem. And, at least for me, I feel that since I know this about myself, I ought to make an effort at changing it. But, I haven't made as much of an effort as I should...hence, I call it a sin. Obviously, it isn't for everyone, but we all struggle with personal temptations or sins. This just happens to be one of mine.

To be honest, it is both challenging and refreshing to air it like this. Challenging, because I really don't want people to know that I procrastinate. I put off my sewing that I know I should do(especially since Fiona is in need of some new dresses), I put off doing the laundry or folding it...because I'd rather just sit and read or blog hop...the list could go on. It is hard to be this honest, but then it is also refreshing because by bringing this here, I find it easier to be motivated to do what needs to be done. In a way, I feel that I have an accountability partner in all of you, my friends. Now you know, perhaps now it will be easier for me to do what needs to be done.

This is some of what was getting me down last week. I feel much better today, I've been feeling like I am motivated to do those things that need to be done. Just so I have an accountability spot, I'll give a small list of things that need to be done. My plan is to come and update what I've been able to accomplish as time goes on. Hopefully, I will be able to cross off my list of "To Do's" soon.

So, here is my list:

Sew two dresses for Fiona

Finish Fiona's nightgown

Create a budget(with help of hubby of course)

Create a menu and stick to it

Find a way to lower our grocery bill

Declutter kitchen table...again!

Most of these things need to be done soon, some not so soon. But all have been put off to much or neglected altogether. I feel especially convicted about the budget and menu/grocery bill. I realize that one of my duties as a helpmeet to my husband is to make good use of his paycheck, to stretch it efficiently. I haven't been doing this and I know I need to. Perhaps it will alleviate some of our financial stress.

Feel free to check up on me:-) And if you feel led, please pray for me as I try to work on this area of my life. I am certainly bringing it to the Lord and I would greatly appreciate any prayers that you may have.




Regina Clare Jane said...

Sommer- that is so brave of you to write this. I, too, find that I am a procrastinator but it actually has gotten better over the years. I try and do the unpleasant things first, the things I don't really want to do... and then, the things that are more fun I can spend more time with and not worry so much about the other stuff! It works for me.
I think also we have to give ourselves a bit of a break when we start judging our down times... if you are a busy mother, you need that time, and sometimes, you might find you need it more than at other times. I know when I start to feel overwhelmed, that's when I have the most trouble with procrastination.
I will definitely be thinking of you as I make those phone calls that I have been putting off and as I put that load of wash in... it's funny how when I am alone, I seem to have more problems. I don't have Mr. Motivation here to spur me along!
You are in my prayers, dear one!

Tilly said...

Hey Sommer! Thanks for your sweet note. :) I had two thoughts for you... first is a book called Miserly Moms...it is really a fantastic resource for cutting grocery bills and money management. The second is, have you heard of/tried FLYLady? I know some people really don't like it, but she has lots of good points and her methods can always be learned from...I would recommend at least browsing her website, if not joining her mailing list. I hope that helps...good luck with your projects!! :)

Morgan said...

Thank you for this post. This is also a huge struggle for me and I felt as though you were talking about me :) My husband is on the road a lot so I tend to put things off even more. I will certainly pray for you and maybe you could for me?

Sommer said...

Dearest Ladies~Thanks so much for your comments!

Regina~Thank you for your encouragement. Yes, I am a busy mom, but there are so many times that I can be doing more. Just this morning...while Liam has been napping, I've done dishes, swept my kitchen, cleaned the counters and prepared my laundry that I will start after lunch. Some mornings...I just sit here typing or blog hopping or just...well, nothing. So, yes, I take those breaks(and thanks for understanding) but sometimes I'm just plain lazy:-)
I am so blessed by your friendship:-)

Tilly~Thanks so much for those ideas! I've heard of both, but have not yet utelized them. I'll see if I can find the book at the library and I will take a peek at the FlyLady's site. I've heard differing opinions of her, but I know that you can take the good and throw out the bad...so I will see if there is something I can glean from her:-)
You are a good friend:-)

Morgan~So nice to meet you! I'm glad you got something from my post. Although it isn't my intention to point out others things...if I can help someone by my words, it makes this blog worth it:-) I will gladly pray with you and thank you for your prayers!
I stopped at your blog and I will be back soon:-)

Thanks again my dear friends!

Lots of love,

Rebecca said...

Sommer~I struggle with this as well. I think we all might. At times, when I am VERY motivated, I can get the house from trashed to in ship-shape within a few hours if I work diligently. Times like that I am VERY proud of myself but then, I always feel badly too. All I think is-if I can get THIS much accomplished in just a few hours-how come the house EVER gets this way?!? I should be able to keep on top of the house using just 30 minutes a day...

Anyway. Hope you get all that you were hoping for accomplished. Give it time-remember that some of those projects are pretty intricate!

I am sorry you couldn't view my slideshow on my blog. I am not sure why (I am not very technologically savvy...) I will say, if you would LIKE to view them in a slideshow you could simply go to my flicker account here:


In the right hand corner there is a 'view as slideshow' button. Basically, I just moved that over to my blog. Perhaps you'll be able to view it there...

Let me know if you are able to and if you do, what you think.

Have a pleasant evening! Love, Rebecca

Regina Clare Jane said...

Hi Sommer! How did your week fare? I am not checking up on you, just checking in on you!
I hope your weekend is full of fun and flowers and lots of hugs and kisses!