Friday, September 28, 2007

Fall WIFD~Friday

Well, today almost didn't get recorded. I rushed out of the house before my hubby could get a picture. But, Brenna was game and she took the pictures of me...I took the one of her:-) I'll post the first picture that she took of me, because she got my whole outfit...even if she cut the top of my head off:-0

I am wearing a comfy striped t-shirt and my khaki button up skirt. I wore the skirt earlier in the week as well. I was running about today, so I also wore socks and running shoes:-) Brenna is wearing a yellow dress with flowers on the skirt and ruffle trim on the bodice. The dress has gotten a little she is wearing orange pants underneath for modesty:-) She always looks so lovely in orange and yellow! Liam also joined us in the picture...isn't he cute?!

I guess we have one more day to do this. I'm not sure what I will be wearing or what I will be doing. My plans for the day have changed we shall see! Until tomorrow...



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