Saturday, September 29, 2007

Poetry Corner

Good Morning Friends!

I just wanted to let you know that I have posted a new poem over at the Poetry Corner. You can find this on my right sidebar as you scroll down.

Today I am showcasing one written by my dear Grandma Gloria. She is my Dad's Mother and we lost her about a year and a half ago. I did not get as many opportunities to spend time with her as I would have liked in my life, but what we did share was a love of poetry...reading and writing it:-) She was a prolific writer, starting as a young girl. I know that one of her poems was published when she was but 12 years old. However, she didn't have any of her poems all in one book until she was quite older. Sadly, this past winter the home where my Grandma lived was lost to fire and all that was in it was destroyed. There were many poems that were probably never looked on by others, that are now lost. But, I am not totally saddened by this because I have a copy of her published ones:-) I will always have her memory and what she meant to me in my heart.

I hope you will enjoy viewing her gives me great pleasure to share it with others.

May your day be blessed....


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Dan said...


That's a wonderful way to preserve and make use of Gloria's poetry. I'd recommend that you keep Poetry Corner!