Saturday, September 1, 2007

A Day At The Zoo

This week has been hot and busy...but Thursday was a blessed rest from all the hurriedness of life.

Normally, Saturdays are our family day. We will often be found at the park and coffee shop...enjoying some time together as a little family. I love this! However, now that my hubby has begun a new job, the schedule has changed and Saturday is just another work day for my hubby and the kids and I will run errands.

So, I was pleasantly surprised when Dan told me that he would be off on Thursday! Yippee!!! What should we do with this day? Well, we have had some discounted tickets to Happy Hollow Park and Zoo, here in town. We hadn't been able to use them yet because they were only for the week days. Joy! We finally had a day to do it:-)

So, Thursday we surprised the kids with a trip to the zoo. And we really did surprise them...Fiona had no clue until we told them to get ready to go. I love being able to spring stuff on her!!

I went to Happy Hollow as a child and still love it today. Granted it is a bit old fashioned and out of least the park part...but it is still a joyous place for littles. The zoo is so fun and shady. They've updated it in the last few years and it is nice to see the new exhibits. So here are a few highlights from the day...

These cuties are first along the path. They are Capybaras and I believe they hale from South America. It was obviously hot, these two kept diving for a dip.

This little pond always attracts Fiona. However, I think this is the first time she crossed it so confidently.

Brenna got her feet wet, but decided she wasn't quite ready to cross yet...even holding Daddy's hand.

And I think this was a first for me, but there were babies! The top picture is of Guinea Pigs...and let me tell you there were about 3 litters of them:-) So cute! The lower picture is of a Parma Wallaby and if you look closely, you can see the Joey's tail sticking out of her pouch. I was so excited!

And here we are feeding a very pushy donkey:-) This is the part the girls(and I must admit, that I do to)find to be the most fun. Below will be a couple pictures of the girls in the goat pen. They weren't as pushy as usual(the goats that is)...but I think it was only because it was so hot and late in the day.

The girls were having such a good time with their new friends that they didn't really want to leave, but.....

the Carousel and Danny the Dragon were waiting! Obviously, they couldn't resist:-)

I think Liam was feeling a bit jipped, but Danny the Dragon made up for his disgruntledness...

That pretty much sums up a very fun, very joyful day. I think all of us were especially blessed by the time spent together and being able to marvel at God's creation. I hope you enjoyed sharing a little of our time as a family with us.




Regina Clare Jane said...

Hee hee- how cute! I love going to little parks and zoos myself with hubby- they don't need to be fancy or brand new!
We feel like littles ourselves!
Glad you had such a great time!

Tilly said...

I'm glad you had such a fun family day!! Your littles are so cute!! :)

PatinTenn said...

What a great family day.

We also just had a family outing. For Friday night, friends of our's gave us tickets for the baseball game in Memphis. The weather was perfect, cool breeze blowing the whole time !!

We were blessed and I am thankful you and yours were too!!

Love ya,

Serena said...

What fun!!! I have been itching to take my Fiona to a zoo. I think she would really enjoy it!