Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fall WIFD~Thursday

I had the pleasure of having Brenna join me today for this:-) And she is actually in a dress! I think she looked darling today. Brenna is wearing a blue checked dress with a wide white collar. Her sleeves are puffed(Anne would be pleased) and both her sleeves and the scalloped hem are embroidered with daisies.

I am wearing almost all black today. My top is a tee like yesterday only in black and the skirt is black with blue embroidery and sequins on the hem.

We pretty much stayed at home again today. I'm glad, since often I feel like I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off:-0 I was able to get things done about the house...vacuuming, dusting and dishes. I swept the kitchen floor and made lunch. And the skirts do not get in the way at all...I really may do this more often:-)

I love this picture with Brenna! Sometimes it is so hard to get her without a goofy smile or a frown. But she posed beautifully today and I think she really enjoyed participating. Maybe she'll do it again tomorrow!


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