Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fall is in the air....

At least in some parts of the country! Last week we had some very fine weather, even a sprinkle or two. Then it got hot, it feels like fall. I'm confused, but not surprised. California weather tends to be quite mild...but, I really like seasons! I love Fall and Winter and even Spring...Summer, not so much;-) I'm not a hot weather person, so I've been really enjoying the coolness.

Today while we were out on our little nature hike, the breeze was picking up and it just felt so good for our hike. About the only problem with the breeze was that little dust particles and leaves kept blowing towards poor Liam's eyes and I would suddenly have to cover his eyes or turn around quickly. But, it was a beautiful day!

As we walked along, we came along a splash of color. We just had to get a picture of this beautiful tree that had begun to turn to its fall wardrobe...Brenna joined in:-)

We also enjoyed watching some ground squirrels run about the picnic grounds stuffing their cheeks full of acorns. I imagine they are readying their homes for the winter months...stocking their pantries. It is rather funny watching a squirrel put acorn after acorn in its mouth!

When I was a child, I remember seeing squirrels running about Alum Rock Park too, but they were just common grey squirrels. Since I've been back as an adult, I have found that the squirrels now, have speckled coats and white shoulders. They are really very pretty, but I've just never seen them until recently. I hope to take the time to look them up in my field guide and see what the species is.

This particular nature hike was a special one for Brenna, because her sister is in Disneyland this weekend. We wanted to do something special for her and I think it was a great choice. She loved seeing the squirrels and finding acorns. She was a great little walker and had alot of stamina. She enjoyed seeing the creek and putting acorns and leaves in it. I loved looking at the creek and the flowing of the water. There is something so very peaceful about the running water in the midst of forest. One of the interesting things about Alum Rock is the many manmade stones with old railroad track in them that have fallen along the way. A train use to run through this park many years ago(I'm not totally certain of the history), but it has long since ceased in use and now it is just ruins and memory. I pointed out parts of the old track to Brenna as we walked by...I think it was hard for her to understand that a train used to come through there.

It has been a dry year here, but Fall is on its way! I pray we are blessed with some rain soon. The hills are so dry and the creek is rather low. But the Lord knows what we need, and He will provide as He sees fit.

I'm looking forward to heading back to Alum Rock again with the girls to have a few nature walks before the weather turns. We need to study some flying creatures...and I think this will be the ideal place!

I hope you enjoyed sharing in my day...many blessings to you all this weekend!



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