Sunday, March 2, 2008

Our Saturday

Yesterday was a rather leisurely day. The night before we went with my parents to miniature golf and pizza. The day had been sunny and comfortable, but a couple of holes into our game it became quite chilly and windy. We finished up quickly and went inside for pizza. While we waited, Dan took the girls to play in the arcade and I chatted with my parents. That was a fun time...hope to do it again soon:-)

So, the next day we enjoyed a rather casual time at home. In the morning I did take the kids to run over to Target and we couldn't resist stopping in at Michael's too. I wanted to see what they had in the way of Easter baskets and such and now I have some good ideas. Brenna let me know that she was very interested in having a sewing her basket will be a combo Easter basket and sewing one..I think she will be quite pleased. I will enjoy making time to sew with the girls:-) I have alot of sewing I'd like to do and I want to encourage it in my girls.

Once home we had lunch and spent time with Daddy:-) He played chess with Brenna and the girls played Chinese Checkers together. It is always fun to see them play together and both had great attitudes. Here they are, enjoying the game:

After that Dan read a chapter of Farmer Boy to Fiona. She is really enjoying this series of books this time through. We've read them all before...but now she seems to really enjoy them. Dan also got some video of Liam trying to walk and playing piano. Liam isn't quite walking yet, but last Saturday he took some official steps! We wanted to get him on tape. The piano playing took a little more time to get on tape. Normally he is quite cooperative and will play with Dan...not today though:-) If you'd like to see his video debut you can go here and see him:-)

After story time and games, the girls decided to make a fort. I had to get a shot of this. Such creativity and it looked like alot of fun!

I love days like this...full of family fun and togetherness. I hope we have many more of these to look forward to.

Hope you have had a wonderful Lord's Day!




Anonymous said...


You weekend sounds delightful. I love playing miniature golf! You know I haven't even started thinking about Easter baskets or such. I need to get with the program!

Have a blessed Sunday evening!


Tilly said...

I'm glad you had such a great weekend! Jenny and I watched the movie of Liam, and she kept saying, "Aww, a baby, Cute!". And I have to say I agree with her! Your girls are just adorable too...such fun ages!