Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Very Quick Get-Away

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that sent their kind words to us for our anniversary:-) We had a lovely time. As a gift, my parents paid for a night away at a lovely Bed & Breakfast over on the coast and kept all three kids(don't think they'll be doing that again soon ;-p)...wow! My in-laws gave us a little spending money...awesome!

When we arrived, the owner showed us around and informed us that, because of a little mistake on his part, we had an upgrade! We got to have a fireplace..yippee!!!!

I LOVED our room! So nice...I enjoyed a pretty view from the window seat and the fire was a great treat. We enjoyed dinner at a little Japanese spot nearby and enjoyed the dessert and coffee provided at the B&B.

We checked out mid-morning and headed over to walk on the beach for a bit. I'm really more of a country/mountain girl...but, the ocean is still an awesome thing to behold!

Well, it was only one night with my love...but it was uninterrupted and very precious to me. We headed back to get the kids( an especially very sad Liam) and then home. Liam was happy to see me...he still nurses and has never been away overnight. I missed him too...but it was worth the brief separation.

I came home with a cold, but I will cherish this little time I had to spend with the love of my life. Perhaps it wont take as long to do this again...



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