Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Favorite Poet and Author

To Any Reader
As from the house your mother sees
You playing round the garden trees,
So you may see, if you will look
Through the windows of this book,
Another child, far, far away,
And in another garden, play.
But do not think you can at all,
By knocking on the window, call
That child to hear you. He intent
Is all on his play-business bent.
He does not hear; he will not look,
Nor yet be lured out of this book.
For, long ago, the truth to say,
He has grown up and gone away,
And it is but a child of air
That lingers in the garden there.
Robert Louis Stevenson
I just love his work! Robert Louis Stevenson(IMO), is a master of the imagination. I was introduced to his writing when I was in middle school. It was The Black Arrow and it was a lovely read:-) I suppose it wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea...but I did enjoy it so.
Now, I have had the pleasure of reading his poems from A Child's Garden of Verses, it is such a lovely experience. He had such an ability to bring you into the poem, into the picture he was drawing with his words.
When I read the above poem, I could just see him as a boy, long sweet that he wanted to share his childhood and dreams with future generations.
If you don't already have this book, I highly recommend it. It is worth reading for yourself as well as your children:-) I have another poem of his on my side bar at the "Poetry Corner".


Simply Heart And Home said...


I just love Robert Louis Stevenson. My children memorized many of his poems. Thank you for reminding me of such simple lovely times.


grnkidscorner said...

Sommer, I just awarded you the Excellent Award over on my blog. Just want you to know how much I enjoy your posts.

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Maiden of the King said...

Robert Louis Stevenson truly is a master of writing! I was already familiar with his work when I read "The Black Arrow," but that book quickly raised him even higher in my estimation! What a wonderful, exciting, and delightful book.

I don't know that I've ever read all the way through "A Child's Garden of Verses." I'll have to go retrieve it from my sister's shelf -- thank you for the recommendation!

Yours in Christ,