Friday, March 21, 2008

10 Years of Blessings

Today, my husband and I are celebrating 10 years of marriage! It hardly seems possible that we've been married so long, that we have 3 children and we potentially have many more years to come and more children to bare.

I never thought that I would find such a man as Dan is. Surely my choices before me were limited at the time and perhaps I didn't really know what I wanted or really, what I needed. Praise God, He is sovereign! He knew my needs and the true desires of my heart! Today, I can look back and see God working in my life and guiding my path.

Here is a picture of Dan and I on our wedding day...the pictures are a little crooked, sorry:-)

We look so young. So happy. And we still are very happy:-) There have been a few bumps in our road, but they've all been softened by the love we have and even more so by the grace of God. I can't imagine spending these first 10 years with anyone else and I look forward to the next 10, 20, 30....

This was our beautiful wedding cake. It was yummy too:-) Dan's mom made this for us. Actually alot of the things we enjoyed on our wedding day were gifts or heirlooms from friends and family. My wedding dress was one my Grandma found(just had to be let out for my figure), my veil was hand made by my sister in law, the cake from my mother in law and the food was provided by an Aunt and Uncle. I wore a handkerchief that each bride in my Mom's family had wore(even my Grandma I think) on their wedding day. Very special.

Many memories..some are hazy, others will forever be in my heart!

Happy Anniversary Darling!


Tilly said...

Happy Anniversary dearest!! I pray that it's a wonderful day for you both. :) You look absolutely stunning in those pictures by the way!

Lauren Christine said...

Happy, happy anniversary! How pretty you look in the pictures :) May the Lord bless you and your husband on this happy day!

Diane said...

Congratulations, Sommer! Scott and I were married in March, too, and we just celebrated our 16th anniversary.

Anonymous said...


Congratulations on 10 years! I miss visiting with you on KindredSistersandFriends.


Serena said...

Oh, Sommer, that first photo is priceless! You look so lovely: the veil, the dress, the love radiating from you!

Congratulations on your anniversary and very happy marriage!

Simply Heart And Home said...

I am afraid that I am late in posting my congratulations. Life has been just too busy! Your wedding pictures are gorgeous. Many happy years to you and your husband.

Maiden of the King said...

Happy Anniversary! May God bless you with many more years of marriage!

Yours in Christ,

Hannah said...

I absolutely love seeing your wedding photos! Your veil was gorgeous!
Sean and I will celebrate our tenth anniversary this year so we're right behind you and your husband. How the years have flown!