Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Easter Flowers

Procrastinator that I am, I didn't finish my girls' Easter dresses until that morning. Well, it wasn't all me...a little boy was not cooperating over several nights, and my available sewing time disappeared.

So, I brought my sewing on our brief little getaway and worked on Brenna's dress hem while enjoying uninterrupted time alone(while hubby went on a walk). However, Fiona's had to wait until Saturday night while Liam slept and then an hour before church...eeek! But they are done, and I liked them quite did the girls:-)

As I said in an earlier post, I used pre-smocked material. I liked it...easy to deal with. All I did was sew up the back seam and hem the bottom, then I used matching ribbon for the straps. The bodice is a touch long on Brenna, but that just means longer wear, right?

I didn't get any real Easter Lilies...but these are much lovelier Easter flowers, don't you think?!




Lauren Christine said...

Beautiful Easter flowers!!! :) What precious young ladies.

Maiden of the King said...

Your daughters are just darling, and they look so sweet in their dresses! I especially love the yellow daisies. And what a blessing to have two sweet little Easter flowers that will not wilt after a few days!

Yours in Christ,

Tilly said...

Oh they're so cute!! You did a great job with them...and I have to say what a good Mama you are...I'm quite guilty of machine hemming!!--I'm not sure I remember the last hand sewn hem I did actually...I know I've done you have my applause! :)

Serena said...

As much as I love flowers, your flowers are definitely more beautiful than any 'real' ones you could have gotten!

I finished Fiona's dress on Sunday morning, too. Or, rather, finished to wearablenss...I fastened it with diaper pins (on the inside of course!). So I wouldn't feel bad if I were you!