Monday, March 3, 2008

An Exciting Find!

Most of you may not realise this about me, but I LOVE archaeology! And not only that, but I am especially fond of Egyptology. When I was young, I really wanted to become an egyptologist, but my desires changed as I got older and I gave up that plan. And gladly too:-)

But I am still very interested in archaeology and Egyptology. I love to keep informed and educated. My bookshelves attest to this(as will my family). I also keep my eyes on the news and when there are new finds I get very excited:-)

So today, as I was researching field trip info at a site for a local Egyptian museum, I saw a link to a new find! Apparently, in Egypt they have found an intact tomb...the first since King Tutankhamen's in 1922! This is very exciting to egyptologists, but also to me!:-)
For all you fans of Egypt and her treasures...Enjoy!


elsie said...

i wonder why you like it and in the same time why did you give up? and what are u doing now?

Anonymous said...

I love learning about Egypt too! when I was studying world history during my homeschooling years, Egypt was def. my favorite to learn about.

Lauren Christine said...

Sommer, have you ever heard of the Archeological Bible? I bet you would enjoy that! I know my momma loves looking through it. I've always been fascinated by it too!

Sommer said...

Hi Lauren~

I've never heard of that Bible! Is it readily available do you think? I'd be interested in checking it out..time for a Google search:-D

Lots of love,

Tilly said...

Oh how exciting!! This is another love we share dearest...I hadn't heard about this one though...I can't wait to go read that article!