Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sewing for Easter

Easter fast approaches, and I am just now beginning my sewing for it. I know, I know...I'm really getting a late start considering I have just over two weeks to get it done. But that seems to be how I do things...start late and just squeak under the finish line:-p

Actually, I had not planned on making dresses for my daughters. I usually just buy a new one for them, but this year I realised we just couldn't afford it. So I was thinking of which dresses in their closet would best work for Easter. Then it hit me! I had bought some pre-smocked fabric from JoAnn's last summer, planning on making the girls dresses then. Well, I never did get to it(what with baby and all) and so the fabric was put aside in my ever growing stash. (Girls, you all know about the stash, right?!) So, I thought...I could make them little sundresses!

Isn't that fun fabric?! The girls actually picked it out last summer. Brenna chose the lovely Black-Eyed Susans on black and Fiona picked the pastel tropics fabric. Really, I think they suit each of them just perfectly! I'll be using a free pattern that they provide at JoAnn's(I picked it up the other day)...using this particular one:

I will use ribbon for the straps instead of the fabric. I think it will give it a "me" touch:-) Fiona and Brenna are both very excited to be getting new Easter dresses and I am excited to be doing it. I cut the fabric to size tonight and pinned the back seam. I will hopefully sew it up tomorrow and work on the hem over the next couple of days.

I'll post pictures when the dresses are done.

So, are any of you making(or have you made)Easter dresses for you or your children? Please do leave me a comment...I'd love to come by and see what everyone else is doing in their sewing room:-)



Lauren Christine said...

So pretty! I can't wait to see the finished product!! I'm planning on "getting down to business" next week with my Resurrection Sunday dress. I'm excited... it's a drawstring Regency dress made out of embroidered linen/cotton I bought 80% off during the dead of winter :) I just need to finish my stays, and then I can get started on the dress! The only thing is... the stays are kind of frustrating and confusing to work on... so I keep putting it off :)

Tilly said...

Don't feel bad about just now starting!! I'm just now (soon, lol) getting started on not only Easter dresses for Jenny and myself (Jenny's just needs buttons and a hem), but also for my nieces (Mama still can't get up to do it), and maybe a skirt for their sweet Mama...busy!!!! :D I can't wait to see your pictures...the girls will be so cute in those!

Serena said...

Your girls have excellent taste in fabric! The dresses will be so cute! And they will be so handy during the summer.

I haven't gotten around to starting Fiona's Easter dress, yet, but the fabric is prewashed and ready to go! I decided not to make myself something this year since I wasn't sure how big my belly would be (and every time I thought about Easter sewing I couldn't remember when it was this year!), AND it makes it easier for me, too! My sister-in-law bought me a lovely white cotton blouse with embroidery on it the other day, so I think I'll end up wearing that.

Oh, and Stash? What Stash? I have absolutely no idea what you mean! ;)

Lauren Christine said...

Sommer... in answer to your question :) I don't know yet... but I'll let you know when I do!!

Tilly said...

Sommer, if you go look at the comments section of Miss Lauren's blog, I mentioned my answer with regard to your question...I figured that way others wondering could find it. :)