Thursday, February 28, 2008

Yep....He's a Boy!

Having a boy is different than having girls. I didn't really think so. My friends told me this was so and so did my Mom. But I didn't believe it.....

But now I am a believer! My girls never could catch or throw a ball before the age of ....three! But Liam? He already loves(and I do mean loves)to play ball. He can catch it from time to time and he certainly throws them well. Give him a stick, drum stick, card board paper roll, stuffed becomes a light saber. He likes to hit his head against the wall, bookshelf, cupboard and then he laughs!

He is most definitely a boy and God most definitely....made them different!

And if the above didn't convince me, then the fact that he began roaring while playing with his little dinosaurs has! To really "feel" these pictures, you need sound, but since I don't have it on video...just insert a rather throaty, manly growl(or have your hubby/son do it) and take a peak at Liam playing dinosaurs(roars, fighting and all):



Now, lest you think Liam is all war and he is with his lovey. He is a very cuddly, loving and kissy fellow too:-)

Boys and girls..they are different. Don't let anyone tell you other wise:-)




Lauren Christine said...

Oh, what a precious baby boy! :) I just love seeing his pictures.

Clare said...

What a darling he is!

Maiden of the King said...

Those curls make his "roar" disarmingly adorable ;) What a sweetie!

Dan said...

Yes, the evidence is conclusive. We do indeed have a man-child!

Dawne said...

LOL! Yes, boys are definitely different. ;-)