Saturday, February 16, 2008

Inconvenient Accomadations

For the last couple of weeks we have been sharing our days(off and on) with some maintenance workers. We developed some kind of mold on our daughters' bedroom wall(facing outside) as well as on two of our bedroom walls. Of course, I felt compelled to ask our manager to look into why this happened and they found(after tearing out the girls' wall), that there was absolutely no insulation in the walls!

Yesterday, the workers finally completed the work on my girls' wall and are working on our room now. They tore out one wall a few days ago and then decided to do so to the other. Right now I am surrounded by a green and white wall, with my room in a shambles. Everything has been shoved to the center of my room and I feel completely unsettled!

So this is what we get to see everyday until the walls are finished....

It is unsettling trying to go about your daily business having men tromping through your house. I feel completely akward doing lessons with them here and my home's mess is more obvious to me. Of course, the upside is that I've been forced to work on decluttering my room! I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel! So, once I do get my walls back, I will be working on rearranging our room and fixing up our daughters' room as well.
All in all...I'm glad our apartment manager took the initiative to fix this problem and the workers really are very nice. But.....I really want my home back!


Tilly said...

Oh my goodness!! I can only imagine how crazy that all must be. It's wonderful that they're fixing it so quickly for you, but I'll pray that they finish up fast. At least you'll get a fresh coat of paint out of the deal...just in time for spring! Good luck with the decluttering...there's still lots of that in my future. :)

Maiden of the King said...

I'm so sorry you're having to deal with such a situation! But it's good that you can see the upside of having to declutter, and are making use of the opportunity. I hope things get back to normal quickly!

I really enjoy reading your blog!

Yours in Christ,
Shannon (from the S&S board)

Lauren Christine said...

Oh, no fun!! :( I remember when we had workers in our house all the time- it was not enjoyable. But before we knew it, it was all over and everything was much nicer than before! Have you decided which color to paint the walls?