Thursday, February 21, 2008


Today, they put the finishing touches on my walls and hung up our blinds. The walls are done, the men are gone and my bed is no longer in the center of my room! Aaaah, how nice it is to walk in my room and find it normal again:-)
I still will need to place a few things back where they go and rearrange here and there, but it is all in all fine once again.
I will never again complain about how small my room is. Once you've spent a week and a half or so with all your furniture and knick knacks in the center of your will feel like you live in a mansion after it has been put back to normal.....sigh....
I am now looking forward(is this possible!)to rearranging and decluttering my room further and then working in my daughters' room. It is in great need, but I've had to wait a bit. Now...I look forward to it:-)
Well, I'm going to close now...little Liam is passed out on my shoulder. But I hope to be back tomorrow to share some thoughts on a book I'm reading....Seasons of a Mother's Heart. Have a great night!


Lauren Christine said...

Oh Yay! :) Isn't it amazing how "normal" feels so nice after you've had to deal with fuss??

Anonymous said...


I'm glad you have your room back again. Don't you just love decorating and fixing it all up? I do. :)

I'd love to hear about the book you are reading. What a lovely title!

RYC, I love Mrs TiggyWinkle too. She has such a sweet face!

Have a lovely weekend, Sommer