Saturday, February 9, 2008

Fun With The Kids!

Yesterday we had the pleasure of taking our kids miniature golfing. We went to a place called GolfLand, which is the same place I went as a child. This was our birthday outing for Fiona. It had been delayed because of rain and money...and we thought yesterday was a good day for it.

It is not easy keeping a secret from Fiona. She will ask you 500 questions about where you are going and can usually figure it out. Not this time though. We were able to surprise her:-) That gave me alot of pleasure!

The picture below is of Brenna and her interesting putting style. She'd never golfed before and so it was fun watching her. She had alot better time than she thought she would...and I'm glad.

I just had to take a picture of the girls resting while Dan and I took a round at this hole. This particular hole had a little volcano that left Fiona with a filthy back end. But don't they look just lovely?

And here is Fiona taking her turn. She seemed to really enjoy the afternoon.

I really enjoyed this afternoon and I hope we do this more often. The weather was lovely, the company was pleasant and the time was just one to remember.




Clare said...

What fun! When we were small our dad used to take us miniature golfing quite a bit (he tried to get us into real golf, but we were a little young for it). We have such lovely memories of it... I'm sure your kids will also remember those days most fondly!

Gina said...

We used to call it Pee Wee Golf. :) I am terrible at real golf but love miniature golf. :)