Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Weary Mom, Who Needed To Read This

I am one of those moms that struggle with finding "quiet time" to spend with the Lord. I've purposed to make myself get up earlier than the kids and open the Word and no avail! It has been discouraging to say the least. People often will tell a mom like myself, your day will be much better off if you begin it in the Word. And I generally agree that this is true.
However, I have a baby that has not yet slept through the night and needs momma very much. Also, when I do wake with my alarm(which does not happen very often) and try to put said darling baby back in his bed...well, he wakes up! And not only that...but somehow my elder children get wind of me being successful at this and decide it is time to get up too:-0 So "quiet time" does not generally happen.
So, I end up being very frustrated, discouraged and really...I feel guilty. I am not giving my time to the Lord! But should I be beating myself up so much? Is there no other way to be with my Lord?
Well, Stacy McDonald at Your Sacred Calling has shared a lovely post on this! I really needed to see this and I pray it blesses some one else today. If you are feeling that there is just NO WAY you can get this time, read this and see what she suggests. I feel that here are some really practical thoughts and ideas for the mom that wants to be close to the Lord but has little children and is in the "noisy time" of life:-) I am embracing her thoughts and find myself feeling encouraged! So read her post, here.
Let me know what you think:-)


Serena said...

I thought that chapter of the book was worth the price of the whole thing. I'm glad that Mrs. McDonald posted it on her blog so everyone can read it!

Tilly said...

Sommer...again I'm amazed that we're in a similar boat. :) I really must read that book...I think I might ask for it for Mother's Day. I just had to share though...two thoughts. The first is when my hubby gets home I'm going to give him a big kiss 'cause just three days ago he advised me to do very much the same things...praying in "snippits" throughout the day. 5 minutes in the morning, 5 minutes when Jenny goes down and anywhere from 5-15 minutes with him in the evenings. That adds up to 15-30 minutes of prayer/bible/quiet God time each day. So far I'm only hitting one 5 minute slot, what with Jenny having the flu and me wanting to nap every spare second, and he's been working until 11:00 at night, so we haven't had our time together...but still, 5 minutes is better than no minutes!

The second, is that passage got me thinking...coming from a family of 8, I know how hard it can be to find one-on-one time with a parent. The same way, in a family with (little) children, it is hard to find one-on-one time with Our it got me did my mom and I "fit it in"? By making everyday things special...when she went grocery shopping she would often just take one of us with her. The trip might include a drive-through burger on the way home or not, but it always included *lots* of talking...similarly my sister and I would have great one-on-one time (despite being sisters to so many!) when we would clean our's just about making the most of the time you have together. So how lucky are we that God is always with us?? I like to pray when I fold laundry, but haven't lately (lol, folded laundry either, lol), I had a friend who would pray every time she made her bed, or washed dishes...

I'll stop rambling now...but thank you for sharing that link!! (((HUG)))

Gina said...

I read that post too and have been so refreshed by reading the book. I have a 19.5 month old son who still wakes me at night and two ladies under 10 who are early risers. Her post blessed me so much and I will remember this as I feel so run down and defeated.

We are praising the Lord everytime we speak a kind word to our children and serve our families in our homes - The Lord is pleased when we share His love by our smile and dedication to them.

A short heartfelt prayer said over washing dishes during the day or while nursing a crying baby in the middle of the night blesses the Lord more than many eloquent words.

May you see His love and remember see His glory in the moments we share with others.

God bless,

one of your blog readers