Monday, February 25, 2008

Found this good to think about...

I went visiting around blog land today, and stopped at Tiffany's blog. She had a great post regarding a Christian's need to analyze movies and being careful about what we watch. Really the post was a review of a book...but I thought the meat of it really was important in her thoughts on reviewing movies.

Anyone with kids probably struggles or at least finds it important to consider what your children are watching(I do)...but do we think about what we ourselves are watching? I don't worry as much what we are taking in(although we are still careful), but this really made me think.

I encourage you to read this post at A High Calling, and consider what she says. What have you been watching lately?



Anonymous said...


You are absolutely right. What we do watch does influence who we are. I will check out that link.

I'm sending you an email.


elsie said...

the question is: what are YOU watching? because u are the one who has trouble with this.
everybody is watching what they like. right? if u dont feel good afterwards u are pretty stupid and start asking questions that make you feel bad:D How are you feeling?

elsie said...

What we do watch does influence who we are. - this is what Gina said. So, since this is true why don't you accept that this is you, and watch whatever you want and feel good about yourself??

Sommer said...

Hi Elsie~

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I feel that I should probably respond to your questions.
First of all, I want to say that I am not telling anyone what they should watch, but found this piece to be good to reflect on and thought others may as well.
I do watch what I wish too, but as a Christian I try to watch what would be pleasing to the Lord. I try to do this in all areas of my life...whether it be movies, books or just my actions in general. I believe that what we watch and do reflects what we believe is right and so I wish to reflect my love of God and my desire to keep His commandments.

Thanks again for your thoughts.