Monday, October 1, 2007

New Poll

I wanted to thank those that participated in the last poll for doing so! I hope it was fun? I know that it was interesting to see folks' the way it was a three-way tie:-) No one desired to be in the snow...I suppose that would be a bit unpleasant unless you are some lovely snow creature that is well furred:-p

Well, now I have a new poll up! Again, you can find it just to the right on my sidebar, under my "About Me". I hope you will again join me for a little fun! I'd love to know what you all enjoy.

Happy Monday to you all!



Regina Clare Jane said...

Hi Sommer! Polls are fun but this one is a toughie! I like all these movies! I'll think a bit and then go vote!
I loved all the beautiful pictures of your fall day. Oh, how I miss the colors of the changing leaves...
Have a wonderful day, dear friend!

Sommer said...

Hi Regina! Always lovely to have you visit:-)

Yes, this poll is probably a bit of a toughie..I like them all too! But, I was trying to think of something fun...and this came to mind.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the is funny, but California doesn't generally show off Fall well, but this was a lovely pic:-)

Blessings to you friend!