Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Freeing Imagination

There has been a change in our home. Long has Imagination been held prisoner in our whom, you may ask? The imfamous....Television! An old enemy, to be certain, but one that is cunning and at times rather vile....
Slowly the followers of Imagination have been forming an alliance. The cause? Revolt and freedom for their leader! A week or so ago, after long months of struggle, they succeeded...their fearless leader was set free! Long live....Imagination!!

Okay, I know, that is rather silly, but, you know it is somewhat true. I grew up with TV, watching it fairly regularly as a child, not really seeing anything wrong with it. When Dan and I had Fiona, we really didn't think about it...I watched TV and then even allowed my little girl to begin watching it on a regular basis. Dan felt it was too much, but I was rather resistant to his view and didn't really do much about it. As the years have gone by, I've begun to change my attitude. I've become more submissive as a wife(thank the Lord for opening my eyes and my heart to this needed change) and also realized that things were lacking. We had Brenna and still we allowed more than was necessary. But I started feeling more concerned. Now, don't get me wrong, both my girls have always been rather creative...but when the TV is on, there is less time to use the imagination, less time to do crafts, play outside, etc....

So a year or so ago, I reduced the amount of time they watched TV, but still not enough. Then a few months ago, before we began this years school year, I really felt convicted to only allow the children a movie from time to time during the week. I still watched a bit myself and that still posed a problem. And then, I stopped! I just felt burnt out by the TV, I wanted the distraction gone, I wanted the creative outlets to be open and reachable. So, two weeks ago, we cancelled our cable. What a relief. I do let the girls watch a movie once or twice a week...but you know, they don't really seem to mind.

And the beauty of it is...I see a change in their creativity, their imagination has just begun to bloom. Fiona has always had an active imagination. Brenna has used her's but suddenly I see creativity coming from her...that I never expected! I am so glad that they are blooming.

So, the TV is still for occasional movies....but it is no longer the King in our home. Well, imagination isn't either. The Lord reigns supreme and Imagination is just one of his courtiers that my children(and I)enjoy!

The pictures throughout this post are from my children's play yesterday. They were building birds and men out of legos. This is just one way they have been spending their time. Today...they are tracing pictures and coloring them(from different books of mine and theirs).



Lauren Christine said...

Congratulations!!! We don't have cable tv in our home, and I think its one of the best decisions we've ever made. Welcome to the "club" :) Tee hee.

Lauren Christine said...

Also, I tagged you :)

Kimberly said...

I've never regretted not watching television. I, too, was raised on it and just figured it was a part of life. Now having been without it for almost 10 years, I find it horribly noisy and distracting whenver I'm around one. Keep it up! There's always something better to do.