Saturday, October 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Brenna!

Actually, her birthday was yesterday! My dearest Brenna...sweet helper, turned 5 years old yesterday! Where has the time gone? Just yesterday, was she not just taking her first steps, speaking her first words? Sigh....
Now she is a darling 5 year old, growing so tall and who jumps at the chance to help anytime she can. She is a loving older sister to her little brother and a good friend to her older sister(when they aren't having a disagreement ;-p). She is snuggly, and kissy and affectionate...oh how I love her!

Yesterday was a fun day! After I got Liam down for a (fitful) nap, I began to make chocolate cupcakes for Miss Brenna. Of course, little helper that she is, came by and asked to help. How could I resist?! So, she pulled up a chair and we baked cupcakes:-)

Later we wandered over to Toys R Us to take advantage of a Birthday Club coupon and special treatment. On a side note...our intentions were to take her to Build-A-Bear workshop, but this needed to be postponed because we ran out of money:-0 However, the Lord blessed us with a little coupon and Brenna thought this was a great treat! So, we headed over there and the lady at Customer Service gave her a Birthday Crown, balloon and they even announced her birthday over the intercom! So fun!

After that, we headed over to my parents for pizza, cupcakes and presents..oh, yes, and a movie! It was a lovely celebration and she was quite pleased with it all:-)

As I look at my children and see them growing swiftly before my eyes, I pray even more that I can be a good mom and give them all that I can to set the foundation for their lives to come. I pray the Lord guides me as I teach them and comfort them. There are so many things I'd like to do, things I'd like to do better and things I know would be better if I never do again. May the Lord give me wisdom and may my children be forgiving when I mess up!

Happy Birthday darling Brenna! I love you!


Serena said...

Happy Birthday Brenna!

(What a beautiful, sweet girl!)

Lauren Christine said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Brenna! :)