Thursday, October 11, 2007

Apart From My Nursling

In my last post, I mentioned how I had left Liam for the first time with my parents and no milk in sight! Perhaps some may think this odd, that at almost 8 1/2 months old I had yet to leave him alone like this. But, Liam being still a little nursling, I have almost always kept him with me, just in case he got hungry:-)

He also has been going through the anxiety of being apart from me and it just tears me up to cause him distress. So, this was a big step for me. My parents were so wonderful in watching all three children and I knew they were perfectly capable of handling him...but I wasn't sure I was ready! I mean, this is my baby boy...we are so very close and bonded and I ache when I know he is upset.

But, I needed(and wanted) to be able to concentrate at the homeschool meeting and so...I took the chance. I fed him just before leaving him, and made sure to be home before he would need another feeding. And then I, talk about hard!

The ladies at my meeting were surprised to see me without him, and I was really feeling the emptiness. I never thought I'd care so much to be parted with my children. Now, I felt it with Fiona and Brenna too...but it was different this time. See, I wasn't successful nursing my girls, but I have been with Liam and we are very close..bonded. And I love to hold him and comfort him. So, my arms felt a bit empty.

I think motherhood and the bond that develops between a mother and her nursling is amazing! God created such an amazing relationship, didn't he? Truly beautiful...and so very perfect. There is nothing like holding a warm little babe in your arms, nestled snugly to your chest. Ahhhh, I'm so thankful to be a mother!

"The sea its millions of waves is rocking, divine, hearing the loving seas, I'm rocking my child.

The wandering wind in the night is rocking the fields of wheat, hearing the loving winds, I'm rocking my child.

God the father his thousands of worlds is rocking without a sound. Feeling his hand in the shadows, I'm rocking my child."

Gabriela Mistal

Hug your little ones tonight and thank God for the blessing of motherhood...they will be grown sooner than we desire.




Jenn V said...


I just stumbled across your blog from Whatsoever Things. I was close to my third baby boy in a different way than with my others. He nursed the longest (until he was four---long story behind that) and seemed to need me more than the others. I can really relate to your feelings about leaving him for the first time...even if it is with grandparents, it's still hard. Beautiful picture of your boy!

May you blessed,
Jenn V

fairmaiden said...

I think it is wonderful that you have not left your lil nursling yet...I didn't leave my babies either and am so very glad I listened to His voice, and not others. I had trouble nursing my first nipples were inverted, so with the help of a lactation consultant I pumped my milk until he could latch took 2 months and was well worth it. There is nothing like nursing your babes. I had no troubles with the next 3 babies. And I even nursed my last child till he was 2. I have the closest bond with him. My baby boy will be 12 this month and it has gone by way to fast! So, keep them with you for as long as you can. The world pressures us to be independent and at such a young age, but the LORD leads us to be dependent. Even Jesus remained with his family till he was 30yrs. old. I bless you in being a mama that wants to stay home and hold her children close.

Sommer said...

It is so nice to know that I am not the only one to feel this way!
Jenny V.~Welcome and I hope to see you again soon sometime:-)
Fairmaiden~Thank you for your words of encouragement! You are a true friend!

May you both be blessed,

Anonymous said...

What a precious picture! That is what I miss the most about my children being little! Nursing your baby does seem to give you that special bond. My baby is nine years old now and I so miss those days! Enjoy every minute of it!!