Thursday, October 4, 2007

Apple Picking

Oh, how I love Fall! The coolness on my skin, the pumpkins, the spicey scents in the air...baking, baking and more baking:-)

Although I do bake in the Summer, it seems so much more inviting as soon as Fall begins showing its colors. I begin planning Thanksgiving dinner and think on what I might want to bake for my family through the season.
And then....there is the apples! I never realized until just a year or two ago that Fall was the season for apples. In this day and age, we are able to get apples all year round...but really they are at their prime now.

I am truly blessed with a homeschool group that is willing to share their different resources. One of the dear ladies in our group lives on a property that has apple and pear trees. She invited us all this last Tuesday to her home to help with her apple harvest:-) With her generosity, we were blessed with a bountiful supply of apples...yummy!

Brenna was especially excited about picking apples and she and I had alot of fun going from tree to tree finding the best ones. Fiona liked it too, but she got bored fast and went off to play with the other children.

Along with the apples, we had the great pleasure of fellowshipping with fellow homeschoolers. Fiona and Brenna knew pretty much all the other kids and I enjoyed chatting with many of the ladies from my group. It was fun watching the children run around on this large property having fun and exploring.

Fiona(although highly allergic) found an adorable kitten to play with and couldn't seem to keep from picking her up:-) Of course, by the end the afternoon, she was itchy and sneezy...but she sure loved getting to play with the kitten.

As for me, I really had fun and I've already used some of the apples in my baking:-) Yesterday, I made a spur of the moment Apple-Coffee Cake....yummy! My hubby is looking forward to me making some Apple Butter...which I've never done, but there is a first time for everything and I have a recipe! I also plan on making an Apple Pie or two and maybe some Applesauce for Liam. I brought home quite a bunch:-0

In some ways, I'm sorry it is was so much fun! But perhaps we will have the opportunity to do it again next year...who knows! If nothing else, I have a wonderful set of memories with my dear children that I will always remember and enjoy!




Tilly said...

Apple picking is one of those fun things my family has always done every fall. :) It is so much fun!! My mama makes apple butter warned takes ALLOT of stirring!! Do your girls read the American Girl books yet? I know that lately the company has gotten less wonderful, but the original books are still loads of fun...and anyway one of the Felicity books they make apple butter. I always think about that story!! I wish you the best of luck! Apple butter is my favorite treat. :)

Serena said...

What fun! I've been hankering to go apple picking...and bake up a bunch of apple-y goodies!