Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Knitting Bliss and Baby Tummy

Yesterday, Fiona was given a wonderful opportunity to learn how to knit. A lovely lady from church offered to teach her and her little girlfriend.

So I carted her off yesterday to her friend's house and she spent 1 and 1/2 hours knitting. She LOVED it and came home with two lovely little rows! I'm so proud of her and so pleased that she enjoyed it so much. I knit too, but am a beginner myself, so I have not felt capable of teaching her...this was quite a blessing.

Fiona was supposed to go back tonight for a second lesson, but this leads to the second portion of my post's title. Last night, after I got home from dropping Fiona off, my little Liam began throwing up! I'm not sure what started it. The girls have had colds..but no tummy upset that I know of. I am unaware of anyone with a tummy bug at church...but dear Little Man, just couldn't keep anything down.

I told Fiona that if he was still throwing up after noon, we would have to cancel going to her lesson tonight. Needless to say...she was not happy! But she understood and has a pretty good attitude about it.

Liam has been eating, but generally hasn't been able to keep it down. Last night and this morning, he would bring his milk right back up...but later this morning and now, he has kept down at least enough to get some sleep. Poor little dear! He was so pitiful last night, so tired and uncomfortable.

It is quite distressing to have my wee ones sick. I pray he will be feeling better very soon. I can here him stirring now, I just hope he will keep his meal down!




Tilly said...

Oh Sommer! I hope your little man is feeling better! I remember when Jenny was younger and she would get colds the "post nasal drip" (aka snot in her tummy) would make her throw up. Is he stuffy too? Maybe your pediatrician could tell you over the phone what the infant dose for dimatap is? I know my dr. was able to do that for us and it really made a difference! Hugs to you sweety, as I'm sure you'll be a bit short on sleep by the time this is over!!

Lauren Christine said...

Poor sweetie! I hope he's feeling all better soon :)