Wednesday, October 3, 2007

She's Home!!!

My dear daughter, Fiona, has come home from Disneyland! She actually got back Monday night...but she spent the night at my parents and then my Dad dropped her off Tuesday morning. Aaaah, how wonderful it is to have my whole family together again:-) I know, she was only away for a few days...but, boy did I miss her and she truly is an important part of this family! Even, Brenna, missed her...and although they are best buddies, they don't always get it is nice to know that she was wanting her big sister home too!

Fiona came home with a full bag and a happy heart! She even thought of Brenna while gone, and made sure to come home with gifts.

This trip served as a reminder of just how much each of my children mean to me. I pray I never forget it!




Regina Clare Jane said...

Hee he- look how cute she is!
I am glad your little family is reunited once again... absence does make the heart grow fonder!

fairmaiden said...

welcome home Fiona. Your children have beautiful unique names.

I also love the pic of the mama & babe next to your 'about me'. How do you put pics on your side margin?