Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Week~

My week has been somewhat busy. Today was the first day that I didn't leave the house for some reason.

Monday, I needed to go get groceries and that always seems to take so much longer than I would like. But, the kids were good and we got home and I put in Pride and Prejudice after the girls went to bed and enjoyed some cocoa:-)

Tuesday, lessons were shortened and switched around, so that the girls could go to an art class put on by our homeschool group. It is called Meet the Masters and they will be learning about one artist each month. This time they were just introduced to the class and they made a portfolio for their artwork. Next month I will be co-teaching the lesson and we will be learning about Piet Mondrian. That ought to be fun and I can't wait to see my children's creations:-) The kids really had fun. After that we went home to have lunch with Daddy and then I took off to drop them at my parents so that I could attend a homeschool meeting. On a whim, I fed Liam and left him with my parents. I've never done that, since we are still nursing, but I thought I'd give it a try. He was great, but was really happy to be with me again(and I him).

Wednesday, I thought I was going to get to stay home, but realized that I'd forgotten a few things when shopping on Monday..sigh...That always seems to happen! So, in the afternoon, my brother came by to use my laundry machines and then he and I went to the store. My Dad took Fiona with him and I had Liam and Brenna. It was a fine afternoon, but I was glad to be home and sitting down for awhile:-)

Today, well, this has been an at-home day! I woke up with a murderous headache, but at least I didn't need to go anywhere. So, we did school and I washed laundry, dishes and just hung out about the house. It felt good to get things done...and the kids did much art today too. My Dad also came by and took Brenna out today...for several hours, so Fiona and Liam and I just enjoyed each other's company:-) Now, here I am, with all the kids in bed and I alone. Dan may have to work longer than normal:-( But, hopefully not!

Tomorrow and Saturday, we have birthday parties to attend. Friday, the girls will be going to a girlfriend's party..very girlie apparently:-) And on Saturday, Fiona is invited to a guy friends party. They will be going and playing miniture golf...should be very fun!

I'm looking forward to NOT running about...but I'm not anticipating that happening this weekend. I have a deep desire to be a homebody and I try very hard to do that...but life sometimes gives me other things to do. Thankfully, I don't do as much as some I know...I think I'd just fall apart!

Well, friends, I pray you are all doing well and having a glorious week!



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