Sunday, July 15, 2007

On The Mend...

I believe we are on the up swing of this tummy bug! I came down with it Friday, and my hubby did yesterday. But, by yesterday...I was feeling pretty good:-) So, today we are continuing to recover and by Monday, it should be gone from my little family.
When I think about it...this is nothing like we had about 2-3 years ago, when all of us were sick at the same time and Dan and I were really bad. I think of Little House on the Prairie, when everyone came down with fever and ague(or malaria), even Pa and Ma were unable to get up!

She heard Pa say, "Go to bed,

Ma said, "You're sicker than I am,

Laura opened her eyes and saw a bright
sunshine. Mary was sobbing, "I want a drink of water! I want a drink
of water! I want a drink of water!" Jack went back and forth between
the big bed and the little bed. Laura saw Pa lying on the floor by the big

Jack pawed at Pa and whined. He took
hold of Pa's sleeve with his teeth and shook it. Pa's head lifted up a
little, and he said, "I must get up, I must. Caroline and the
girls." Then his head fell back and he lay still. Jack lifted up his nose and howled.

Obviously, we weren't that bad...but it was pretty bad and we were all down for the count. Praise God it wasn't so this time, what with the baby and all.

I hope to be on later, perhaps to post on something other than illness:-)

Blessings to you all,



fairmaiden said...

Sommer~ Your 'View from the Mountain' is lovely. I will add you to my *sweet sites* and visit often. So glad you are all feeling better. The stomach flu is ever so aweful, but sickness does seem to bring such a sweet family's a time of 'knowing' how much we mean to each other and that LOVE is all that matters. I think love grows in those times. Just like the Word says, "we know Him in the fellowship of His suffering." We know LOVE in the fellowship of suffering...and we are thankful<><

Sommer said...

Thank you ever so much for stopping by and saying such sweet and true words! I have been blessed by your visit:-)

Lots of love,