Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mothering and Nurturing

The job of Mother is never done. Whether it is the evening or the wee hours of morning, we are on call to bring comfort to our littles. I have been reminded of my call as Mother.
The last few days have been full of sick tummies, soiled clothes and linens, and couches made into beds.
I thought perhaps the other dear children had skipped the tummy trouble that plagued Brenna on Saturday, but alas....Fiona and Liam have both been troubled by it as well. Today Fiona sits upon our little couch, dolls and books surrounding her. She seems better today than yesterday, but her tummy is still a little upset. Yesterday, Liam was becoming sick after almost each nursing....poor little dear! Today, he has yet to be sick and I pray that he has turned that corner. I was most worried for him, as he is only 5 months and I didn't want him to become dehydrated.
I find it so amusing the difference in attitudes of my children while sick. Brenna dealt with it in stride, fairly calm about the whole thing and still played as she could. Fiona pouts and complains more frequently, as if she is the only one that has been sick. She sits on the couch not doing a whole lot and feels she needs help with getting everything...luckily, I am enjoying being the nurturer :-) Little Liam is the most joyous and oblivious to his illness. Last night he awoke to bringing up his last meal and sat there wide eyed waiting for me to rescue him. I needed to put on new sheets, so I laid him on his blanket in the living room with some toys and when I came out from the room(which is just a few steps away), he was looking at me with wide, joyous eyes...a smile gracing his face. He laughs and smiles and talks...and you would think that he had never been sick.
I thank the Lord for these opportunities to show my gentle, nurturing side. It is not often that my girls need such from me. And often they resist the kisses(well at least my eldest does)and help I try to give. I pray that the Lord will fill me with a more nurturing spirit and that my children will be more drawn to me even in healthy times. I greatly desire to be their friend, confidant and nurturer....while still training them in the ways of God.
Dear Jewels from Eyes of Wonder reminded me to rest and treasure the time with my wee ones as they are sick in a response to my comment to her. Although I hate to see them sick, it has been a blessing to give them what they need right now...a loving mother!

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