Thursday, July 12, 2007

From Bassinet to Crib

It is hard to believe that just 5 months ago, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. The time has sped by like a dream and he has grown so big. My little Liam is my sweet treasure, the joy of his sisters and I'm sure the pride of his Daddy.

Today was a big day for him...he graduated from his little bassinet to the big crib. This bassinet has been in the family since his Grandma slept in it as a babe, then his Daddy and each of his sisters. It is a special little bed, perfect for wee little ones.

But, as all healthy babies do, he has grown...long and strong. Now, when he is left to amuse himself in bed, he becomes cock-eyed and his little legs and arms get caught up. So, it was obvious he needed to be moved to the big crib.

The big crib has been awaiting him in the girls' room, but having thought about our little space as well as theirs, we decided to move it in our room. I like having him there with is so precious to hear him in the morning when he gently wakes or to easily be able to reach my dear one when he is ready to nurse. So, we felt this was the best option. Today, as he napped, I traded the two cribs...the bassinet to be stored away for another bundle some day(Lord willing) and the big crib to take its place along side our bed.

It tugs at my heart a bit to see him in this big crib. Someday it will be a big boy bed and then....I don't really want to think that far ahead. It is so precious to know that he is still my sweet little nursling, that so needs me and loves to snuggle up close and touch my face or hold my hand in his. Such sweet memories to be savoured, I don't ever want to forget them.

Well, now he is bundled comfortably in his bed and I am heading off that way soon. I wasn't sure he was going to go to it peacably, I had to settle him back to sleep in my arms a couple of times. But that was okay...I enjoyed his little sweaty head resting against my chest and his sweet little hand in mine....

Before I go, one last shot of him trying out the new crib. I pray that you all remember to snuggle your little ones close and cherish the memories....


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Lauren Christine said...

How sweet. That was truly a touching post. Congratulations to your little man on moving up to a big boy crib :)