Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Coffee and Posies

Today was shopping day! Pretty much every week we take a trip down to Costco. Usually this is done on Saturdays with my dear hubby. With three cuties and mind you, one is a baby...I find it much easier when Dan comes along. He has been very agreeable to this arrangement, however, this weekend we didn't go. So, today I chose to make the trip...myself, Fiona, Brenna and Little Man :-)

I'm sure every mom that has more than one child knows that it is quite a job just getting out the door with everyone in tow. But we managed it and no one threw a fit...Praise God!

Before we shopped we stopped for snack at the coffee shop. I try not to do this too often, but these trips are special and so I will on occasion treat us to a coffee and cookies. The girls were very satisfied with their snack, but I think Liam was a bit disgruntled...

Above is Brenna, enjoying her madeleines.

Here is Fiona, quite satisfied with her meal and finally, Liam...wondering why no one is sharing....

Once we all felt quite happy and full, we headed to Costco. That is always such a hectic place, but we came home stocked for awhile. Walking back from the car to our apartment, we found some pretty flowers along the way. I thought I'd share some of the pretty finds that God has placed near our humble home. Enjoy!

I'm not sure what these are, but they are always so lovely!

Right now we have 3 roses in our apartment courtyard...this is the only one that truly is lovely....

You know, if you take the time to look, you can find God's beauty in even the humblest of places!




Serena said...

What lovely children and pretty flowers! I don't know if I realized that one of your daughters is named Fiona. You have excellent taste in names! ;)

Sommer said...

Thank you Serena! Yes, you have good taste as well :-p


Tilly said...

Hello! I've been catching up on your posts...you pictures of Liam are giving me baby cravings!! :-p I just wanted to tell you that the first picture of purple flowers that you put up...we have those too! But they're white out here. They grow all over the sides of the roads in our town and now every time I see them I will think of you!