Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Is He Crawling Yet?

Yes, I actually had someone ask me this this weekend. My Little Man is just now six months...I don't know many wee bairns that have begun crawling at this age. And I really have no desire to rush the little darling! Of my three children, I have successfully nursed him the longest, he smiles and chatters regularly and right now he is tucked into the crook of my arm refusing to stay asleep in his own bed...only Momma will do right now:-)

Why do moms feel the need to compare, dare I say....compete, with others about their babies? Yes, there are times to worry if milestones are not met, but usually even the doctors say that babies vary greatly when they hit these marks. So, am I worried that he doesn't roll over consistently both ways or that he doesn't sit un-assisted yet? Not a bit of it!

But, I am a happy Momma, that would love to share with my dear friends what he has been up to...care to see?

Liam's first taste of cereal...yummy, oatmeal:

Let's practice sitting up:

Surely this is good progress and I am so proud he is my son! One day he will be crawling and then running, and I'll long for the days when only I could get him to sleep and patch his booboos. I'll ache to hold him once again in the crook of my arm, just as I miss those moments now with my girls, who seem to have no need of my hugs most times...but still, even now, they come to me with their hurts...what a blessing to be a Momma to my little dears!


Tilly said...

Oh my goodness!! Hahaha, he is SO CUTE!! Thank you for those pictures...what a great way to start my day! :) Give your sweetie a little squeeze for me!

summershine said...

You know, I was so excited for my first one to start growing up, I feel I really didn't savor his babyhood like I'm doing with my youngest now. They really grow up far too quickly.