Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Visit From Gpa and Gma...

This week I was bustling about trying to get my home tidy for a visit from ...Gpa and Gma! What...who is that, you say? That is the short way my Grandpa signs his name to emails...makes me chuckle, really :-p

I don't really get to see my Grandparents much, so I was rather surprised when I received an email last Sunday, saying they wanted to come by for lunch on Thursday. Of course I wanted to see them...but, ack!!!! I needed to clean house pronto! Ever since having Liam, let's just say that my home has been less than tidy...perhaps a big mess would best describe it:-) So, this week I frantically cleaned and prepared for their arrival and on Thursday all was ready!

We had a lovely visit and my Grandparents seemed to really enjoy seeing their great grandchildren. I hope we will have many more visits, they have been too few and far between!

Here are a couple of pictures of Liam meeting his great grandparents for the very first time...

Lately, Liam has been a bit anxious when in other folks' arms, but he felt right at home with my grandparents. I was so glad that they had a good visit!

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Pat in Tenn said...

Very special indeed !!! How blessed your children are to have them in their lives.

Thank you for sharing.